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Dredd (2012)
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superior to the stallone version in every way, 24 September 2012

Dredd 3d is a very entertaining movie. Its dark and moody, edged with satire and brutal irony. Its a story of a man-some might consider him fascist- who enforces the law in a dystopian America of the future. In short its an almost perfect realization of the legendary comic strip upon which it is based.

Its inspiring to see that film-makers take such attention to detail to craft a film made with integrity. Dredd 3d is one of the most enjoyable films I've seen this year- or possibly any other year.

The cast are all spot on in their portrayals.There are no weak performances. The movie is an action packed proper R rated adventure.

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eastwood has lost it, 24 September 2012

You know a movie is in trouble when they cast Justin Timberlake in a lead role. Justin "big chin" Timberlake!.

This is a bittersweet baseball movie with a good performance by Amy Adams and Matthew Lillard plus a workmanlike performance by Eastwood.

Obviously hoping to ape the success of Million Dollar Baby. Unfortunately the script is so utterly predictable and clichéd. You know how each one of the one-dimensional characters will turn out, what the complications will be and how they'll end up resolved. There are no surprises. Its a movie to have on in the background or to doze off to, so wait for it on TV.

the movie deserves more than a 1 but I'm rating it lower to counter all the fake glowing reviews. The cinema was nearly empty when I saw it but maybe all those empty chairs were audience members that only Eastwood could see

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too predictable for my taste, 23 September 2012

If you've never seen a movie before then this is probably tolerable. Its always nice to see Elisabeth Shue. Jennifer Lawrence is definitely a leading lady of the future but this does no-one associated with it any favours.

Its just too clichéd, too predictable to be of any entertainment value.

In fairness I didn't totally hate it, but it wasn't involving. Its not a movie that you'll ever watch again or buy the DVD/ BR.

This is no fault of the cast but the script which means that you'll know how the movie ends before it is even half over.

Unless you're a rabid Lawrence fan then I wouldn't bother with this until there is a Netflix or DVD release.

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old men past their sell by date embarrass themselves, 5 September 2012

This movie, like the first Expendables, is utter garbage. It has practically nothing going for it. The script is nonexistent, the attempts at humour are excruciatingly embarrassing and the final fight scene is amateurish. The cinemaphotography is strangely cheap and grainy looking.

The main cast are far too old for this kind of thing, which is a shame since some of them were successful back in the day.

There is some entertainment to be had, primarily at the awful dialogue, Norris and Stallone's bad hairpieces. My wife was in hysterics at the entrance of Chuck Norris as some kind of iconic actor. Chuck Norris was a strictly b-movie actor even in his heyday and his heyday was a long long time ago.

This is not worth paying to see. If you're desperate wait for it on DVD.

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best movie of 2012, 5 September 2012

I love this movie. It is incredibly suspenseful. The opening minutes are confusing but they serve as a great introduction to Jeremy Renner's new character Aaron Cross. We are reminded of the ending to the previous film in the series.

Things are aided by the introduction of Rachel Weisz. Her character is menaced early on, only to be assisted by Cross. Renner and Cross give exceptional performances and support from Ed Norton, Stacy Keach and the rest of the cast.

The writer and director Tony Gilroy does a fantastically assured job, ratcheting up the tension to almost unbearable levels in places. The climax of the movie is a stunning chase sequence which took my breath away.

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wonderful, 18 October 2011

Yes Minister is probably the most intelligent and well-produced sitcom of all time surpassing even Arrested Development, Archer and Spaced. It will never replace Spaced in my affections but is still laugh out loud funny.

Written decades ago it is still relevant topical and fresh. It could have been made last week.

Performances are uniformly spot on.

I suppose that one might argue that the series has one comparatively weak episode in the whisky priest but even Yes Minister's weak episodes are good. And, lets be honest, even Shakespeare wrote Two Gentlemen of Verona.

This series deserves another broadcast so the new generation can discover it.

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wait for the DVD, 18 October 2011

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I have to start by saying that I'm totally unfamiliar with Tintin. I'd heard that there was a cartoon series years back but had never watched it.

I vaguely remember various controversies about the comic strip being anti-American, pro-nazi or racist. I assumed that these elements would be sanitized from the film.

So going in as a person with an open mind and no expectations? The Adventures Of Tintin is pretty meh. Its not awful but its not good.

Given the high profile names and talent involved it should have been much better.

That's not to say it's all bad. There are a couple of nice moments.

The nice moments probably came from Wright who unfortunately left the picture. I'm deliberately keeping the review spoiler-free plot wise but would add that I don't get this style of animation.

I saw this at a screening but there's been no marketing for this that I've seen.

I think this left me with a similar feeling to Cowboys and Aliens. Not bad but underwhelming and left me with a vague sense of disappointment .

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world of the dud, 17 July 2011

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Zombie movies as a genre are not exactly well thought of. They are things to laugh at while getting drunk with a group of friends.

There is no amount of beer in the world to make this film enjoyable.

I watch zombie movies for a cheap laugh and some silly action and gore. I absolutely hate shakeycam because I can't see the action or tell what is going on.

There is no real story. In most zombie movies that would not matter because its all about suspense, lots of tomato ketchup and kills. There are no suspense moments or ketchup and few kills. So world of the dead needed a good story.

There is a fair amount of interaction with a gang of sex perverts ( i'm not making this up) which i suppose is a break from zombies- and cheap to film.

There are three rape scenes in this which is a bit much by any standards.

So why give such a poor film 4 out of 10? because Philip Brodie and Nicky Araico are far better actors than the movie deserves and turn in good performances. I found Alix Wilton's character a bit irritating but that is not the actress' fault.

The rest of the cast are forgettable. The gang of rapists must have paid to be in this as they are very bad actors.

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bored notice, 24 May 2011

Most over-rated show on television.

Jeffrey Donovan sleepwalks through his role as a former spy who is ridiculously smug and always wins. He gives a monotone voice-over describing how clever he is. We are supposed to believe Donovan ( I've already forgotten the character name) is a moral name but he works with an IRA terrorist!

The female lead is supposed to be sexy but she's painfully emaciated and has a trout pout. She is also a terrible actress. She begins with a hilariously over the top oirish accent but then when even the producers of this nonsense realised her performance was laughable she " decided to be American" and has spoken with a US accent ever since. Perhaps this is an example of the brilliant writing? Bitterly let down by this. The first few minutes in Nigeria seemed OK but the format got real old, real quick- much like its leading lady.

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these guys are too old, 13 August 2010

I do not wish to sound ageist because with a good actor and script there is no reason that an action hero can't be an older guy. Take a look at Harrison Ford, Liam Neeson and others. They bring experience and authority to their performances.

Unfortunately Stallone is not anywhere close to Ford or Neeson in terms of talent or presence. He's just a bodybuilder who can't accept that he's old. Sly maybe his nickname but its the quality that is sadly missing from his performance.

He still thinks audiences want comic strip movies about remorseless killing machines. He still (unbelievably) thinks audiences seem him as a tough, virile man. He is wrong.

The script and direction are rubbish. I didn't pay to see this and I can't suggest that anyone else does either.

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