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Best movies of 2014 for me.

10 - 2
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8 - ??
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In order. If not on the list, or I did not see or did not think it deserved to be. PS: The bottom movies are the worst expressive movies.
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Best movies of 2011 for me.

8 - 24
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Movies that to me is note 10
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Best movies of 2010 for me.
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Best movies of 2012 for me.
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Best movies of 2013 for me.
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Some with movies in top 250 IMDB
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The best movies based on space, for me.
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Movies based on games that I saw. Best to worst.
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List of the most beautiful actresses of Film and TV

Top 160, for me! I repeat, for me!

I would say that I am not racist, I just have preferences, because as I said, the list is mine and for me.

Thanks to everyone for their comments and views.

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Sorry for my English!
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