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The one that got away!, 1 December 2009

Personally I absolutely adore this film. But then I was the one who wrote it along with Terry Winsor.

Boy, what an ordeal we had trying to get it made at all. I think it took ten years from writing the first draft to getting the film actually broadcast. It's rather sad, looking back now, that most of the cast (and the producer come to think of it) went on to die quite soon after the film was broadcast.

Maybe it will make it to 'The Top 100 Cursed Productions of all time' list that no doubt IMDb are putting together with the help of BBC Worldwide, HBO and Canal Plus.

The chances of it getting another outing on British TV are slim to non- existent, however, thanks to really really really bad contract writing by somebody who shall remain nameless.

Merchant Bankers, eh?

Interestingly, outside of The UK and US of A, I can only assume that Terry Winsor and I are something approaching folk heroes - especially in Poland, where The Great Kandinsky has played to rapturous audiences approximately 20 gazillion times (= £42 cheque in my bank account).

I'd love to see it broadcast again in Britain (I missed it the first time due to a free lunch) but I'm not holding my breath (plot point!).

Then again, if I was elected Fat Controller at The BBC, I wouldn't be too inclined to chuck Richard Harris's Estate another £1.5 million just to show it again either.

RIP Mr. Harris. Thanks for the kind comments you wrote in my copy of the shooting script.

I am obviously still available for further writing projects, otherwise why would I be sitting here filling in this form?

To be honest, right now I am ready to grow a Lech Walesa moustache and move to Gdansk if there's a market for me there.


Jules D