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'Oh no, not Matt Dillon'.............get over it., 31 August 2003

After reading some of the comments left by IMDB users I wasn't sure if I should actually waste a couple of hours by watching this film. After watching, though, I thought the comments were a little harsh.

Criticism's included under developed characters, thin plot, unexplained actions, and a poor performance by Matt Dillon. I am not, and never will be, a film studies student so I guess I am not 'qualified' to comment on any of the above, but in my own humble opinion the film progressed nicely and if people cared to watch carefully each action was easily understood.

If you can get over your immediate 'Matt Dillon, no thanks' attitude you may end up enjoying this film.

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I got ya back bro, 29 July 2003

Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear. 2 out of 10, the 2 because it had a skyline and an evo in it. It wasn't quite a complete waste of time, however, I slept for about 40 minutes of the film. The acting, or whatever you want to call it, was exceptionally bad considering it had such high public awareness, and the plot did not seem to make an appearance at all. The cars were of course over the top but that was to be expected, the driving, however, was stupidly unbelievable consisting of numerous gear changes to nowhere and driving skill right out of fantasy land.

Still, the world is full of all kinds of people, even people that gave this film a wonder we are once again approaching the dark ages.

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Oh dear, 26 May 2003

I loved the first one and maybe it is because of that that I hated the second one. Or maybe it is because of the complete lack of pace and the haphazard way in which the film was edited together. The special effects were no better than in the last film and didn't woo me the way the original Matrix had, in fact most of the fight scenes and especially the car chase seemed completely and utterly pointless.

The acting wasn't anything special with each character over doing it by a huge margin always trying to speak with a monotone voice as if that would make the audience take them more seriously. I guess I was expecting something a little deeper instead of a typical Hollywood cheesed up special effects roller coaster ride. I wanted an extra deep storyline, instead I got a film for 14 year old boys and testosterone driven 20something men. Better luck next time.

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One of those films that manages to humble you, 1 May 2003

What a superb film. I watched this on my own as a random choice to fill a few hours of loneliness on a weekday night, and went to bed thinking a lot more about family and friends.

This is one of those films you need to watch if you are having doubts about the human race, and I all know we do from time to time.

What more can go wrong?, 1 May 2003

Joey turned this film into complete cheese which is why I quite enjoyed it.

De Niro put across some brilliant acting of course but I almost had to laugh at the amount of negative emotion being poured into his character. I can't say anything here but suffice to say that his son being a murderer is just the tip of the iceberg.

I guess a lot of thrillers will follow the same course of action but it was the way in which it was executed which didnt impress me. His son Joey, however, came across as the stereotypical Hollywood down and out who left me smiling rather than crying at his continued misfortune.

The final product to me seemed to scream TV movie, but what's wrong with a good TV movie??

Basic (2003)
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Aint John just great??, 20 April 2003

You know an action film is gonna be good when the highest recorded votes on the IMDB came from females under the age of 18 and females over the age of 45. It was another over the top Hollywood classic which delivered everything you've come to expect from the culture crushing film factory.

Fortunately I grew an extra couple of fingers during the film and was able to keep up with all the twists and turns it spat out at me, although I was pretty drenched towards the end. I wouldn't pay money to see this, but thats more because I dont have any......a pizza and beer film more than anything else.

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Yes m8, 20 April 2003

Only the politically correct will hate this film. Everyone else who isnt tied up to this society destroying line of thought will give this short film an easy 10. Some of the one liners that come out of it are complete classics and deserve to be shown on domestic TV as soon as possible, preferably before 9pm.....

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Stopped heaving after 20 minutes, 13 April 2003

Deliver us from death by cheese. I tried not to take it seriously, I really really tried to laugh at LL Cool J, and I really really really tried to take a moral message from it, but my brain just wouldnt let me. The first 30 minutes or so were pretty funny but as soon as LL Cool J turned on the charm it was like a living hell. I'm sorry, I cant continue writing.........I need the toilet.

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It was worth the fiver I paid to see it., 17 March 2003

There havn't been too many recent films which were worth the money I paid to go and see them, but this one was an exception. Kevin Spacey was very good playing the arrogant professor whose life is pretty much destroyed by a false rape allegation and death of a close friend (dont wanna give too much away). The film builds up nicely to the climax and being the slow witted bloke that I am I never figured out the final twist until about a minute before it happened. So if you're bored on a weekday night and your girlfriend is complaining of a headache, go see this film.

S1m0ne (2002)
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I didn't think she was that good looking....., 17 March 2003

Was that a sign of things to come for Hollywood? Or are all the biggest actors merely 0s and 1s? Either way I dont really care as long as they keep making decent films, and this, I thought, was a pretty decent film.

The delivery of the film was pretty good, set at a nice pace with some dark undertones making me feel almost from the start that something very nasty was going to happen. This didn't really happen, though. I dont wanna give the ending away but to be honest it didn't match the overall feel of the rest of the film, it was far too nice and conveniant. If you look past the annoyingly intelligent daughter, however, I think you will enjoy this sideways look at the future of Hollywood acting.

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