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Another great foreign film i caught at cinequest!, 5 March 2010

This is a great story of 4 young men in Mexico on a random night out. Its interesting the things they come across and the turn the night takes, I don't really wish to give much a away, but think of it has a slightly less stylized Crash in Mexico City. I have to say the production values for this film were impressive, the look, the score and the editing were all very professional and not low-budget looking at all. The story and screenplay is also pretty interesting, and evokes some great emotion at times, although i do think that there could have been a bit more of a story there. The characters were very interesting, but if there was more going on, it would have been even better, though I'm not really complaining, because i enjoyed the film and thought it was still insightful the way it was.

Friction (2010)
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One of the better films shown at cinequest this year, original and moving!, 5 March 2010

I had the great opportunity to see this film at cinequest a couple days ago. First off I'd like to say, this is a unique concept that I haven't seen done like this before. its the story of a theatre/drama camp that only 6 or 7 kids sign up for, yet the founders (a couple), refuse to cancel the camp and proceed. Meanwhile the director, mr. Hoback teaches a class on film-making at the camp in exchange for being able to film a movie about the camp. Its not really clear how much of this is fiction or non-fiction, there are 3 layers of story telling with documentary, faux documentary and drama. THe concept is original, the script is rich with some great dramatic scenes as well as hilarious comedic relief. The acting is pretty inspiring, as everyone is basically playing themselves. I also had the great opportunity to hear the director elaborate a little more after the screening in a Q and A session, and i have to say Mr. Hoback is one up and coming director that i truly hope we will see a lot of in the future. Friction is a great cinematic experience!

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A good indie drama/comedy with Adam Scott in his element, 26 February 2010

I picked Passenger Side as one of the 15 films i would watch during Cinequest this year as its the closest film festival to me, and they usually do a good job of picking both independent American films as well as noteworthy films of world cinema. Anyhow im glad they showed Bisonnette's "Passenger Ride". Although compared to Apatow, i think Bisonnette brings fresh comedy with a different style than Apatow. The writer/director does a good job setting up the mood using effective cinematography and a cool soundtrack. I liked the fact that they are basically driving across Los Angeles from one hot spot to another, the acting and writing linked up well as the director's brother was perfect for the role which seems to be somewhat biographical, and Adam Scott delivered one hell of a performance as the main character. The story is about Michael(Scott) giving his brother(Bisonette) rides around town to handle some things, the true reason kind of vague until later. Overall this was a film that was enjoyable, meaningful, and at times downright hilarious, hopefully it gets proper distribution.

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Just saw this impressive opening night film at Cinequest in San Jose...., 23 February 2010

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Dagur Kari's film The good heart was a good way to start a film festival in my eyes. I just got back from the screening, and although this film i heavily dramatic, i have to say the audience was laughing quite a bit, as was I. Its not a comedy though, just a film that some great comedic reliefs, and does a great job portraying a story of human interaction. In this case, Brian Cox is spectacular as a bitter, foul-mouthed and at times cynical barowner who takes in a homeless man in his early 20s (Dano) who he meets while being roommates with at the hospital where he has his 5th heart-attack. The film's strength lies in its script which gave its talented actors (mainly Cox, but also some talented character actors in the supporting cast who played some regulars at the bar). The cinematography is perfect and has aesthetic qualities, colors that show authenticity of the bar atmosphere. the Score is also quite suitable, and perfectly adds to the whole experience. Dagur Kari created somewhat of a gem with this film. perhaps it was also an advantage that i saw this in an impressive venue, on opening night of cinequest in the "California Theatre" with what seemed like almost 7 or 8 hundred people in attendance.

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A new spin on a familiar concept, 6 February 2010

This film is underrated. First time director Gavin O'Connors collaboration with Joe Carnahan (Smokin Aces, Narc) on the script was successful. This gritty film tells the story of corruption in New York police department, interweaving family subplots and using some intense and very convincing performances to ultimately tell a familiar story in a convincing way. Overall its a good story and take on issues with police, gangs, drugs in NYPD. This is my kind of movie and if your into crime/dramas, you will like it as well. 10/10 #63 on my all time list Edward Norton shines, here but also we see Colin Farell giving once again another convincing performance (i thought he was great in Casandra's Dream and In Bruges as well). Noah Emmerich, Jon Voigt and many others are also in the talented supporting cast. Overall this is my kind of film, and it is hard to see anything wrong with the script, acting, and execution by the director. it was on-point. 10/10 #63 on my list of all-time favorite films

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A new spin on some underused concepts, 22 January 2010

This film is good. But its different, i watched it with some friends, nobody liked it, other than me. but im kind of an oddball like that. It has two lateral plots, involving the same two leads. I thought using the colors green and yellow to differentiate was original and effective. Joseph Gordon Levitt is great in the lead and shows his range here, while Lynn Collins isn't bad either, but sure is beautiful. I had previously seen her in True Blood and was impressed, but here she takes her acting to a even higher level and leaves you entangled in her character's emotions. I thought this film has a very unique concept, and uses suitable cinematography which wouldn't work in any story, but sure does here. Overall an underrated gem from 09 that only has 329 votes on IMDb... wow...

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Im Reed Fish, 9 July 2009

I'm Reed Fish directed by Zackary Adler. Written by Reed Fish. Starring Jay Baruchel, Alexis Bledel, Victor Rasuk, Schuyler Fisk, A.J. Cook, Katey Segal, Shiri Appleby, Valerie Azlynn,

I thought this was a intelligent underrated light comedy, and I have to say I was surprised. I think Jay Baruchel, shined in the lead, and I absolutely loved the idea and premise. The story revolves around Reed Fish, a small town radio show host, who is practically the town's messiah. But when a friend from his past comes bck into town for the summer, he starts questioning his simple smalltown life and relationship, among other things. I thought this movie was fresh, interesting, and a very entertaining light-hearded comedy/drama. Both Baruchel and Bledel carry this movie, and it thought it's a nice gem of a movie. Films like this prove that you don't need a big budget, overpaid actors or an outrageous story to make a good movie. Overall I was impressed with it, never bored throughout the movie, and surprised it was this good .8/10 #424 on favorite movie list.

Not bad, but somehow i wanted more, 9 July 2009

Sleepy Hollow Directed by Tim burton. Written by Andrew Kevin Walker. Starring Johnny Depp, Christina Ricci, Miranda Richardson, Michael Gambon, Casper Van Dien, Jeffrey Jones and Christopher Walken. Music by Danny Elfma, Cinematography by Emmanuel Lubezki, Edited by Chris Lebenzon and Joel Negron.

Johnny Depp shines in this film about the haunting story of the headless horseman. Both him and Christina Ricci do well in this stylistic period thriller, which is successful, because its original, fresh, and despite the dialogue which is heavy, its still entertaining throughout. The acting and atmosphere is what sets it apart from mediocre films of its kind.

This movie is suspenseful because the music, cinematography and acting all contribute to keep it frightening, yet compelling. Another solid Johnny Depp performance and film. At times it seemed a bit long, but the third act picks up the pace and does well to finish off strong. I would have liked the build-up to be a bit better, but unlike a lot of films that fall apart trying to finish the story, this film does the opposite and doesn't do the best job setting up the plot, but the final 25 minutes or so are very good. 7/10

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A good examination of a misunderstood industry, 7 July 2009

The Wrestler is a gritty story-telling epic of the story of wrestling stars in America, or maybe I should call them wrestling actors. Mickey Rourke is perfectly cast in this Oscar-nominated role, and truly carries this film, though Marisa Tomei was also very good as the female lead. Overall, this movie is at times, tough to watch, but very daring, realistic and an overall informative piece that really shows the complexities of a glorified industry whose stars actually have troubles of their own.

Darren Aronofsky's in-your-face directorial style make this a tough movie to watch, however it was an effective way of driving its point home. Fueled by powerful performances, whether you like this film or not it will definitely affect you. I thought it was a very good movie, though, its not one I would watch over and over. The choice of music and realistic style in which the film unfolds is commendable. 8/10 #452 on my list of favorite movies

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a bad movie, not funny, and not a good drama, 7 July 2009

Now this film is something I'm surprised a guy like Forest Whitaker got involved with. Its an uplifting chick flick which will probably please your average female movie-goer who is not so much concerned with how good the movie is from a cinematic, storytelling, acting or overall film quality perspective. But I just personally couldn't really believe Katie Holmes in the lead at all, maybe the only refreshing thing was seeing Michael Keaton in this, after not seeing the guy in a movie in a while (least I haven't seen him in anything in awhile), but the problem was this script and problematic film-making was so bad that it made Michael Keaton seem like Macaulay culkin. Overall this was just a bad idea, bad film about a president's daughter wanting to go to college and have a "normal life". Don't watch this. 3/10

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