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I wrote something silly as the film list title. Now, after trolling around IMDB I am learning that it's pretty much a contemporary list. Need to be aficionados seem to think film history almost dies at about the 1970's or 90's, or thereabouts. So, here is a "nichey" list. Yes, cooler in the best sense of the word cool, than focussing on cinema's vanguard and frankly, white Bourgeois and/or Russian/ Japanese dominance... Smelling a bit of fascism from IMDB's film historians? Well, come here and smell my certainly less boring fascisms :)
NO PARTICULAR ORDER. The only order in this list is the manic episode bent that brought me here.
And please, my aficionado friends; I always left cinema classic stuff off, to not repeat, so many lists, so alike. Now I realise though, maybe some fatherless child, will look up to me, look up to my list, and finally see THAT must see film, due to daddy's coaching & coaxing. PS. Film aficionados - YOU SUCK because you never, ever seem to have the ring of any poetry in your listings / writings! :)
AND, finally, take a pointer from Chris Marker - completely personal viewpoint/s are actually that which show the most HUMILITY!