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From the killer great-white shark of JAWS to batches of evil Gremlins, this is a list of the movies involving a deadly creature(s)/thing which plucks off the hapless humans one by one...always an entertaining watch. Could have put in a lot of zombie films but I thought I'd have a separate list just for them.
Not in any particular order, bar the first couple.
If I left out any good ones, gimme a heads up. cheers yo.
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My personal favourites, some may even be yours as well.
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suggestions will probably be added, cheers yo.
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Decided to make this list after watching Fight Club again, hope you like it.
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Forget supplies! What film are you going to watch?? Essentially the selection of all my favourite films, but yeah it would be interesting to see what you'd choose, if you could only pick one?! For the love of god, don't say Castaway...
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Just a list of my favourite Bond films, tho keep in mind I'm a fan of the classic Bonds rather than the new generation of "Bourne Bond"
*Tho Casino Royle was a good movie in itself.
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