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"Blossom" (1990)
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One of my favorite shows!!!!!!, 18 February 2003

First of all I want to start of that for people who haven't seen Blossom at all or are still watching, DON'T read this, cause it may spoil some things for you (sorry:)). But I just wanted to say that Blossom is one of my favorite shows it's a re-run (for the second time!!) and I still love to watch it. The show especially won my heart over, when Shelley and Anthony got married and when they had a child. I just loved that. I was a great move by the producers to make Anthony marry a woman from an other race. That proves that Love is (color)blind. I just loved Shelley and Anthony's characters. I also loved Kennedy, she was so cute!! I was 14 when the show stopped and I'm 22 now's just great! It brings me back to those days and I love it!!!!!