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Thrillers : psychological, action , sci-fi, comedic..... whatever. each of these films made me sit on the edge of my seat and replay the scenes in my mind later.

Tier 1 Films : 1-25
Tier 2 Films : 26- 75
Tier 3 Films : 76- 100
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in chronological order. i probably have missed a few good films here. suggestions welcome.
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These are the kind of the films that i consider brainfood. the stories that you can discuss in great detail countless times and still learn something new every time you watch them. List is not completed as of now and is in no particular order.
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This is a list based on my personal preference. The order is of no particular importance. if you havent seen any of these shows, do give it a shot. its very unlikely you wont enjoy it.
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i'd appreciate it if you can recommend some directors that i have missed after reading this list.
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This list is based on my personal preference. Even if some of these films do not depict actual battles, all these stories are set against a background of warfare (potential or otherwise). Admittedly, I havn't seen many films in this genre. so,appreciate any recommendations.
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These are the kind of films that makes me wanna shove an umbrella up their directors' ass and open it. listed from worst to less worse.
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one of my favourite genres. If you like to indulge in the occasional bleak comedy, give any of these films a go.
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too many baseball are on this list films because there aren't enough of cricket. and yes, poker, golf and bowling are sports.
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in chronological order. i know i am light on earlier films. but this will be regularly updated as i get through my watchlist. suggestions are welcome.
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in order of personal preference. if anyone has any other suggestions at the expense of one of these titles, let me know.
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This list only includes those films with A list actors and received a wide release. So i have missed out on some unknowns. Its not based on historical accurate portrayals but rather how good the films were, according to me. Again, the list is order of personal preference.