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A list of films that have caught my eye and got me excited! Included the sequels I'm looking forward too.
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a list of 103 titles
Counting games I've rented from Gamefly and video stores, Bought, borrowed, etc.
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A list of Chinese movies that caught my attention. Upcoming and movies that are already out.
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Some awesome posters.
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DVD's, VHS', Blu-Ray...
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A list of pretty good animated films. CGI and 2-d. Not including anime. G to R
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A list of my favorite actors, who have been a 'BAMF' in at least one movie.
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As the title says. Movies that I've been meaning to watch, but haven't gotten around to it. And movies that I've just discovered, but are released before 2012. Including Giant Monster movies in the list
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A list of the games I love. Rented most of them though.
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Favorite lovely female characters: From cartoons, movies, games and anime.