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This is a list of 'every' Horror movie that I have seen.
I include "straigh" horror films and mistery/fantasy/thrillers with strong horror elements.
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Lost films.

Some films are hard to prove their existence so they get mentioned here:
Vampyr Tanzerinnen (1911), Denmark;
The Mummy (1911), Urban [Company];
The Mummy (1911), Pathe [Company];
The Secrets of House No. 5 (1912), Produced in Great Britain;
Danse Vampiresque (1912), Denmark;
Drakula (1912), directed by Karoly Lajthay, Hungary;
Vampires of Warsaw (1914), USA;
Tracked by a Vampire (1914);
The Vampire (1915), directed by Louise Gasnier and George B.Seitz, USA;
The Vampire's Dance (1915), USA;
The Vampire's Clutch (1915), USA or France;
The Vampire (1920), USA;
Drakula (1920),alt. title "Дракула" or "Dracula", Russia;
The Vampire (1928), alt. title "Vampire a du mode", USA;
Dakki, the Vampire (1936), Japan;