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Waste of time!, 14 March 2003

This movie sucked worse than anything that has ever sucked before. I am now dumber from having sat through it. The film crew and actors should all be ashamed of themselves from having even entertained the idea of working on this movie. Jake G. should never work again. Also, I feel sorry for Drew Barrymore. It must have been a mental breakdown that would make her assume that this stupid film would ever amount to anything. This film has serious fans, and that doesn't say much about them. Pity!!!

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Brilliant!, 11 March 2003

This is such an amazing film that seems to get better with each viewing. Cameron Crowe has crafted a masterpiece here that will forever be remembered as one of the great films. It already has a place on the Top 100 Love Story films of all time, which isn't too shabby. The performaces are all top-form. Tom Cruise gives his best performance since Born on the Fourth of July. Other star-making performaces by Cuba Gooding Jr. and Renee Zelweger. A must see!!!

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What a cheesy FUN movie!, 17 February 2003

I remember taping this movie and watching it over and over again in the late 80's. Somehow I lost the tape, but recently, thanks to the internet, I have come across it again. I now have it back in my video collection forever. The movie is pretty cheesy and dated, but it is still pretty fun to watch again. Now if only I could find some other 80's movies that I have been looking for...