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If you like José Garcia, you'll love this movie !, 17 February 2003

Finally a movie where Jose Garcia has all the place he wants to breath and really express himself ! (All right, maybe it's because his wife directs the movie, that's a minimum !)And the scenes with Benoit Poelvoorde are masterpieces ! This is not only a very funny movie (sometimes it's very subtle, it's even better) it has a real purpose : to make you realize how lucky you are before loosing everything completely, some moving moments, but there's always a trace of humor after so you never stop laughing while the message goes through.

I had a really good time with this movie, I hope you will too !

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Truly great but shocking and that's good !, 17 February 2003

A friend of mine had recommended me this movie telling me that if you cross a nun just out of the viewing you'd kill her with your bare hands ! I thought he was a bit in a strange mood, but when I saw the movie, I understood. Peter Mullan 's (he plays the father that takes back his ex-daughter Uma at Magdalene)direction is his clinical point of view. No music over, no concessions, close-ups as a religion (sorry about that !) You're watching, stunned by the atrocity of the events (and I suppose that some he didn't wanna show were even worse)and never the director condamns any of its characters, that was like that, everyone had their reasons.

I'm usually very sensitive with those kinds of true drama type of movies and could have cried half the movie, but no, I couldn't, not that I couldn't empathize with the characters, on the contrary, but out of respect and shock probably. Home, that's were the tears came.

If you're feeling blue, go and see it, it will cheer you up against your will. If you're feeling in the clouds and a bit proud of yourself, go and see it, it will take you down to earth with a great and sane brutality. Anyway, any state, anyone, go and see it ! We all should know that existed ! It's an intense experience that I'd like to feel more often in theaters !

The Dope (2003)
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Pot, chicks and frunkp !, 17 February 2003

I was a bit reluctant to watch this movie, but I liked very much the music video of "Le Frunkp", and I wanted to check it with my own eyes.

I was nicely surprised. It was not as stupid as I thought it would be. It's not very subtle but if you like the spirit of Michael Youn you won't be disappointed ! And Vincent Desagnat has such an expressive face, very funny as well. The directing is simple but effective (special mention for the opening titles : very funk ans smooth !) and secondary actors are playing very well !

Have fun !