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Hands Down - Best Travel Show on TV!, 19 April 2015

Joe Rosendo knocks every place he goes to out of the park. You just want to go there when you watch his passion. The dude acts like a high school kid when he is hanging with the people in each episode. And he makes sure he hangs with indigenous folks that are like he is. A kid that can be a granddad. Love this dude. I would quit my job and work on his crew traveling the world in a minute. His show: Travelscope, is probably the best travel-show I have ever seen. Yeah sure, I like Burt Wolfe, Rudy Maxa and Rick Steeves. But Joe takes it to a level of a childlike awesomeness. I really loved the feeling when I was a 8 year old kid and my family went sledding and tobogganing on Beaver Lake in Mount Royal Park in Montreal. Things like that you never forget and they are timeless. Joe Rosendo makes everything seem like the first time you are doing it when you are a kid. What better way to experience an adventure than like that.

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I Have Never Seen A Show Crap The Bed This Bad Ever!, 8 January 2015

Is it me, or doesn't everyone want the slap the crap out of Alan Harper as much as Barney on How I met Your Mother. These "wanna be Barney Fyfe" characters just never makes you watch another episode EVER again! - if you ask me. Now Kutcher waivers on wanting to be bitch slapped as his string bean demeanor blubbers over beautiful women prospects. His winy scenarios set in badly timed moral calls just before he is having coitus with a perfect woman who just wants to live in the perfect moment.

The insanity makes me literally scream at the TV because the first 5-7 seasons of this show was really fun to watch. Now its like someone punched me in the gut like Houdini getting it when not paying attention. It's beyond painful to watch. If anyone on that staff actually thinks they are putting out a product for prime TV then their delusional psychosis has set in too deeply to cure. This is the worst implosion of a sitcom ever know to man.

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I think this is not much worse than Christmas Story really, 15 December 2014

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I am not sure why so many reviews were under the 5 out of 10 IMDb rating. But I really liked this illustration of a typical dysfunctional family get together for the Holidays. I would think most everyone has their own version of some wacky anecdotes that happen during the Holidays. Whether it is about Christmas or Thanksgiving. Of course trying to keep it together for Christmas is definitively important in this movie or story.

Again, I really think there are a lot of poignant little issues brought up with this ensemble of pretty good actors. This brings back a lot of weird family memories that I am fairly sure many of us can share. I love it when Lauren and Candice get drunk reminiscing and looking for presents in the attic. If anyone was cast wrongly I think it may have been Robin. He has a tough time playing a grumpy ass dad if you ask me. Although when he realized that he was an ass all his life... his demeanor changed showing the real Robin again. Not a great movie to remember him by but it's still a treat to watch the comic master one more time.

Chef (2014)
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A Great Father and Son Movie, 7 September 2014

I guess some people thought this movie was long and boring. Even some said acting was kind of bad. Well I think the total opposite of this. And I cannot see why anyone would think otherwise. This movie as basic as the plots and story lines were, totally kept my interest. I think it's Jon Favreau's best movie ever. It's a masterpiece. This could be a cult classic for Father's Day, like It's A Wonderful Life is for Christmas. Of course the general sway of Hollywood shun's on a great family life. However Jon Fav didn't give a crap and he decided to celebrate how to celebrate living again. Yeah not much going on but if you don't feel good after watching this then you have a crusty heart and your problems have deep rooted issues.

I thought this was probably one of the better movies I have seen all year. Personally. I believe we really - really need more movies like this to remind us about how precious life really is and how to enjoy special moments just eating a real beignet from New Orlean's French Quarter, and in search of the perfect Cuban sandwich recipe, and perfecting the ultimate beef brisket slider. I totally was impressed by this movie for it's full hour and fifty minutes. I loved a great - feel good - movie - - I recommend for any dad and most everyone to see it This will surely restore a sense of how important a support group of family and good friends can be. Great job Jon Favreau! I kind of thought you were like Hollywood stuck up before seeing this movie. Now I know you are a real guy and cool ass family man.

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The Most Disturbing Episode Ever on SOA, 13 December 2013

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Without giving away too much of the episode story-line, I was actually mentally damaged by this episode. Just when everything seems to possibly work itself into some sort of a slow forgiving resolve, for all the horrible events that occurred this season. Instead it spirals into a horrible vortex of insanely disturbing events. A super crash of terrible karmic events likened to a supernova death of a star. The star being the whole of SAMCRO imploding and exploding at the same time.

I admired and like how in reality this actually could happen when a viscous cycle of bad events try to resolve itself only to go to the worst spot it almost possible can. It's Murphy's Law setting itself in motion. as the worst possible things go wrong and finally dreadfully does as the episode horribly unravels.

On the other hand I was repulsed and literally annihilated with severe emotional distraught -- I watched the screen thinking of the 1000 yard stare. The thousand-yard stare or two-thousand-yard stare describing the limp, unfocused gaze of a battle-weary soldier. Or in this case a member of the MC. This doesn't really make me look forward to season 7. But I am sure I will watch regardless. Nothing will ever be the same after this episode. I thought when they executed Clay, the worst was over. How wrong could I have possibly been.


"Dracula" (2013)
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Rewriting History In A More Accurate Portrayal, 19 November 2013

It's really cool to see the ritualistic circumstances that played out in the late 1800s. Almost everything we deal with in in the modern day, has somehow fulcrum from this time. From the birth of communism, fascism, anarchists, evolutionists and imperialists. Dracula seems to show facets of this important part of time in it's story lines rewriting Bram Stoker's original manuscript.

The industrial revolution spurs out of the dust of the needs for better technology to create better killing machines and weapons in the waning years of the the American Civil war gave birth to the military industrial complex. Thus begins the reign of assumed power and terror of the secret societies unleashing their plans from the dawn of their ages controlling the masses with ritualistic religions.

This show, like the Borgias, which have probably utilize a lot of the same style Hungarian production crews, evoke the essence of what really was the cause of most wars and power struggles from this critical point in the late 19th century. And even though this fictional story originally set forth by B.Stoker, the writing crew of this modern day Dracula remake, really dig down to show why things happened the way they did. Now we can finally sense the motives of the order or the Draco and why Dracul the Impaler seeks his vengeance upon those who destroyed him centuries ago. Just like what the puppet Governments do to their time sensitive strategic placed dictators, so was Dracula also a highly decorated knight to their cause centuries ago. Only to be sacrificed to their master plan to eventually control all the money and power and masses of the whole world.

Really good and interesting stories written that can go on for quite a few episodes here. I am excited to see it get better and better. I hope I am right.

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What A Wild Roller Coaster Ride!, 30 April 2013

Holy acting miracles Batman! This movie took it to a level twelve on a realistic scale as to normal human interaction. Yeah I agree it was one freak accident after another when it came to Toby McGuire's character, the bipolar neighbor, and the incredible sets of circumstances, the fetish desires contemplated over bad Internet sites, and the natural slowing of sexual desire in a marriage. This makes for a perfect setting for an explosion of bad "Murphy's Law" type karma for a normal type American guy that really never meant any harm to anyone. It's like suddenly an 9 year old kid finds a stick of dynamite with a light-able fuse on it. He knows somewhat better but suddenly he has the capability to kill others and himself in his ignorance.

This movie is one of the best down to earth type stories, directed incredibly well, with a super talented cast of somewhat veteran actors. Well maybe not typical down-to-earth but one of those freak shows that really could happen to a normal type guy. Why this is a 6.2 I cannot understand. This is worth watching once a year for a few years in a row if you ask me. It's like a Film Noir version more likely titled "It's Not Such A Wonderful Life."

Oh yeah and Dennis Haysbert who played Lincoln blew my mind in his acting ability for this role. Actually everyone in this movie has at least one genuine perfect moment of genius acting somewhere in their character's portrayal in this movie. Again, its worth watching more than once...

"Go On" (2012)
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Go On is great show, that I hope will last at least 7 seasons at the least!, 28 October 2012

Never could get into "Friends" so Perry was just part of the; whatever cast of a highly rated, whatever, comedy. I just never did find the "Oh, I am hot and cool and edgy, quick lipped sitcoms like, "How I Met Your Mother", or "Happy Endings" or any comedy that has a freaking need to shove some Hollywoody mainstream social agenda down my throat, ever funny at all.

Herein lies a show that just deals with pure human relations and subjective emotional downfalls that we ALL GO THROUGH on a daily basis. Go On, trades edgy, with constructive sarcasm, and a just "look at myself in a mirror, we all have problems," overall attitude without going into the movie-type ridiculous unreal personality traits like you would see in a Happy Gilmore production. On the other hand, the first comedy movie, that I ever watched more than one time, was "The Whole Nine Yards." In this movie, Matt Perry first displayed this quirky but not annoying yet vulnerable and fairly intelligent dude that will not be totally be taken advantage of.

I see this same personality is in Go On, which I liked so much from the 2000 movie. So along with a phenomenal group of characters that are so well played with the likes of the kid from "Everybody Hates Chris" and Julie White, quite frankly, the whole cast is amazingly written and well directed. And goes without saying, is an incredibly well acted ensemble cast to the likes of a classic comedy like "Barney Miller" from the 70s. Go On is great show, that I hope will last at least 7 seasons or more. Love it! GT

Camp Hell (2010)
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First Movie In Years That I Couldn't Finish Watching, 21 August 2011

I have never seen such a travesty of horrible Christian hate clichés in ten movies put together, much less put all into one movie... Did this prejudice as hell director have a wild hair up his butt or was he given a propaganda type agenda to make it look like Christians were like white supremacist type psychotic Nazis? Like these morons that raised their poor kids by imposing totally regimented Catholic NOT EVEN REMOTELY BIBLICAL self propagated concentration camp antics brainwashing their kids to their own agendas. Makes Christians basically look like a Jim Jones poison kool-aid cult followers.

Wow talk about reversal in roles..30 years ago they ostracized Christians hating Gays now it's like like the other way around totally... It's like you used to not admit you were Gay back then now you are afraid to admit you are Christian.... Scary movie indeed.... the evil spirits here were the movie producers for sure. Literally a nauseating movie much akin to when Mad Magazine makes horrid fun of first run movies. "Aaack!!" as Bill the Cat would say...


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Like The Worst Clichés Put Together In One Movie, 3 July 2011

Wow, without giving away any spoilers here, just roughly speaking, this was like they put together the worst clichés in all the action adventure movies or even bad TV shows, that came out over the last 20 years - you could maybe be able to salvage like a " Scary Movie" or "Hot Shots" type spoof type movie -- however Season of the Witch would still blow chunks even if it tried to be made into a spoof.

Speaking of which (or is it witch), there is nothing even remotely humorous in this movie, just the standard blood and guts fighting with the most atrocious acting I have ever seen in a movie in years... I think even Vin Diesel could have maybe done a better job here than Cage... Holy molly, it was like watching a Saturday Night Live skit badly written. Mind blowing I actually made it to the end of the movie watching and writhing in Mad Magazine nauseousness. Nick Cage could actually be getting worse not better with experience if that is possible. I almost don't want to watch Sons of Anarchy this next year after Pearlman's cheesy sidekick acting either.

I think the robots from Mystery Science Theater 3000 need a crack at this horrid 40 million dollar lead balloon.


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