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"Jonas" (2009)
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JONAS picked up for season 2, 15 November 2009

I was surprised to find out that the newest Disney show "JONAS" has been picked up for another season. Being the parent of a little girl, I have been watching a lot of Disney Channel since there is very little my wife and I will let her watch. When I first watched JONAS I was like many viewers who gave it a 1/10 or 3/10. But the fact that the show reminds me a lot of the Monkeys I watched a few more episodes and became a fan. However I don't think there should be a season 2.

While JONAS is a cute funny show that Disney is trying to milk for all the Jonas power it can get, that is not enough to keep fans with the show for too long. The characters are likable and the Joe-Stella plot is cute, but not where they should focus. As a matter of fact, the chemistry is not that good between the two. Chelsea Staub is a beautiful and talented actress, and the show only benefits with her on the show, but her character is still minor, as well as Macy (Nicole Anderson) who has evolved into a normal character and not the stereotypical "Jonas Head".

Kevin and Joe are too old to be in high school, and where do they go when they graduate since their school is the premise of the show. I would much rather it been more like the Monkeys in that the four boys where struggling musicians and not famous. The Jo Bros try convince us that they are "Keeping it real", but how much longer can it last.

I gave this show a 6/10 because it is cute and funny, but Disney should not let it go more than another season. Even Miley Cyrus knows it time to pull the plug on Hannah. It's time to travel in a new direction Disney Channel, and move away from the Pop Star Characters.