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The Vow (2012)
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Interrupted Romance, 14 February 2012

I read a review three days before seeing this and almost didn't because of it. That review was not only wrong but the reviewer should apologize big time.

According to the credits the story line is based on a real couple, which I did not know as it didn't seem to be mentioned either in the review or the several commercials I saw for this movie. I imagine it was heavily dramatized, but it was done so well that the writer and director have nothing to apologize for.

Since there are several other plot outlines already I won't add another one and risk a spoiler but if you think of the Quality of The Notebook you will have an idea of what you are in for.

Worst. Prom. Ever. (2011) (TV)
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So bad it's fun, 24 May 2011

This is one of those movies that is so bad that you want to turn it off, but hang in there what's so bad about it becomes it's strength and makes it worth watching.

If that doesn't do it for you guys there's several really pretty girls to watch.

The plot: two lovely girls and one guy are going to their prom in a limousine. The guy get's a text dumping him when they are five minutes away. One of the girls has brought a bad boy who she thinks is great, the third is supposed to meet her date there. All three end up without dates, one way or another.

The details would spoil the movie for you. Each gets revenge or closure is all I'll say, but in each case it's quite creative what happens.

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The Story of one of the 4 Great Horses of the 20th Century, 12 October 2010

I strongly disagree with loufalce's depiction of this movie.

I saw it this afternoon and think it's the best movie I've seen this century. Some how the director kept me on the edge of my seat thru every race scene even tho I knew the outcome. To me that is great story telling, which is what a movie is supposed to be.

How closely it follows actual history I have yet to look up, but I will.

The trailers made a big deal of the woman who took over her father's horse raising farm being a house wife, failed to mention that she was raised on that farm and trained by her father to know all about raising horses, bloodlines and racing.

I mention 4 great horses of the 20th century. The others are Phar Lap, Seabiscuit, and Northern Dancer. All but Northern dancer now have a major motion picture made about them.

All Hat (2007)
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If you like horses..., 1 May 2010

This is a thoroughly enjoyable movie that has something for almost every one. Two beautiful women, lots of beautiful horses and some really good acting. Add in the conflict between rich & poor or good and evil and it's all there.

The fact that it's set in Ontario, my home, is a big bonus. I get so tired of movies made in Canada pretending to be some where in the US.

The fact that it was obviously shot in early Fall when the leaves are changing makes every outdoor scene a feast for the eyes and considering this is mainly an outdoor story that says a lot.

I went into this not knowing what to expect because I didn't look up the movie before seeing it. I watched it due to the strange name and it finished with me wanting more.

Abroad (2010) (TV)
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Romance Plus, 23 March 2010

Unfortunately due to a timing screw up I only saw the last half, which is a real shame because it is a delightful movie with both romantic and dramatic tones.

The story is basically a love story. Canadian girl goes to England to work as a reporter, meets another reporter she hates and eventually falls for him after having to deal with several British upper crust cads.

The lead, Liane Balaban, is a Toronto born and raised young woman certainly shone in the part. She certainly made the movie come alive for me.

A fun watch or great date movie if you're 40 years younger than I am.

A Family Lost (2007) (TV)
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I wish the film makers had looked at a map, 1 December 2009

The plane goes down in the Yukon, but the search is staged out of Yellowknife and it's a short drive to the search area???

A Yukon search would be staged out of either Watson Lake or much more likely Whitehorse. Yellowknife is a five day drive to the Yukon during which you go a long way south to Fort Nelson before you head north again. Those roads to Fort Nelson are all gravel so speed isn't possible.

Also the FBI would have no jurisdiction, they would not even be allowed to carry guns. While they might be present, since they're after Americans, they would have to be accompanied by RCMP officers who are the only ones with the authority to make an arrest or anything else involved with law enforcement in the Yukon.