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Pretty good and getting better, 12 November 2009

The writing was a bit weak at first, but it's getting much better. As for the actors, Jenna Elfman is an amazing comedic actress. She could read from the phone book or dictionary and make it sound funny. Jon Foster is also pretty darn good, his character is more quiet and laid back than Jenna's, which makes a great contrast. And the chemistry between them is terrific. Honestly, I enjoyed Jenna Elfman's other TV show, "Dharma and Greg," but there just weren't any sparks between her character and the guy who played her husband. But on "Accidentally on Purpose," you can almost feel the heat between Jenna Elfman and Jon Foster. The supporting characters can be a bit cartoon-like but maybe the writers will figure out what works for them. There is really some funny stuff going on here and I hope the show lasts. I don't want to see it replaced in the spring by yet another season of "Rules of Engagement." Please, NO!!