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In No particular order, the composers mentioned in the below list are my own choices of best composers in the world.

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The following list are my favorite and best of all time movies in Tamil. Of course, this list may provide some help for Non-Tamil speaking people. All the best.
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The following movies which i personally considered to be seen before we die. After all, all individual around the world have their opinions to share. I welcome all your opinions and thoughts on list. The following list are in no particular order, i.e. no no.1 or no.2
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In no particular order.
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Jackie Chan is my all time favorite actor. I love his movies
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Of course, in no particular order.
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The following movies that really inspired me lot and thought about many good things in my life. In fact, some of the movies really made me cry. These movie i will never forget in my life.
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I really love fantasy genre. The following list is not only the best and also my favorites. I welcome all your opinions. Cheers
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