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a list of 97 titles
a list of 35 titles
no specific order just movies that really are the best action movies
a list of 90 titles
Movies you need to see before you die
a list of 90 titles
this list does not judge on the quality or orginality of the actual film, only if the visuals were good. also ther is no order or ranking, the numbers lie and decive you
a list of 20 people
these are filmakers that remmber that cinima is first and formost a form of art. IN NO PARTICULAR ORDER
a list of 87 people
no specific order, just some ladys I like.
Will be updated if I think of anybody else later
a list of 22 titles
no real oder except that titles that are in a series will be together. other than that....yeah that's it lol
a list of 16 titles
these are cartoons that i like. reasons will be written. also, these will be in actual list order from best to worst( that's a first)(also not finished yet)