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Not Enough Credit, 21 February 2013

Strange! Definitely not a great film. Good film... Yes!

Jason Bateman is truly an actor one is compelled to watch... as is Melissa McCarthy. Enter Robert Patrick and this film can't be ignored.

Identity thief has some great acting in it... if not the best writing.

Playing a jerk for most of the film, Melissa McCarthy shows her range. I really hated her... so... she sure did her job playing a meanie.

Jason Bateman, as in "Arrested Development," continues to play the character we love to love. But he always seems to get the raw end of the deal. We love to keep pulling for you Jason! Keep up the good work! Would love to see you in a comedy film-noir at some point.

Identity Thief will never be a cult classic... but the work of the above actors will always be seriously remembered in this film!

"Homeland" (2011)
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Mandy Patinking & Claire Danes Chemistry!!!! Wow!!!, 17 December 2012

How can I say anything negative about Homeland. One of, and arguably the best drama action series ever filmed.

Mandy Patinkin... you are amazing! If you don't win best supporting actor in the next Emmy Awards... something is wrong with the system. And your bizarre chemistry with Claire Danes is not something to be ignored. You two on camera together absolutely command the attention of viewers... (It's weirdly powerful stuff). Congrats to you two and keep up the good work. I just love when things come together perfectly... and Homeland is just the ticket in this case.

Looking forward to awards for the fruits of your labor... and to season 3 of Homeland.

Take care!

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Olive and Eloise Mumford rock!, 16 December 2012

First off... best film with a basset hound. Loved Olive.

Secondly and more importantly. Great job Eloise! You seem to have great emotional screen presence! Hope you have a great future in film. Will be watching for you. Keep up the good work!

Sean Faris - are you a stunt double for Tom Cruise or what? You gotta lose the Tom Cruise look dude! You did a great job... but get a different look please. I think its mostly the hair-do in this flick that does you wrong.

Hallmark films are mostly corny to me... but that makes them fun as well. Not a bad movie for family time.

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A "lot" going on in this film., 27 January 2011

Most of us have had unappreciated jobs... and so, can easily relate to the feelings of the attendants.

"The Parking Lot Movie" is not only a film about a parking lot, but also a metaphor to easily express the extremes of human nature towards one-another. Everyone has a dark and a good side. Funny how both faces come out in the most seemingly simplest of situations. Not only do we get to watch actual footage of these interactions, but the attendants (all well educated) explain their feelings to a fine point.

It was also interesting to watch how the attendants spent their "down time," when the parking lot was slow. Games, painting slogans on the gate arm. "Idle Hands" are the parking attendant's workshop.

Nicely done.

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Maybe the best portrayal of a security guard ever., 22 March 2010

10 out of 10 for Seth Rogan's portrayal of a security guard. 7 out of 10 as an overall film.

Having worked as a security guard to pay my way through college, I have to take my hat off to Seth Rogan's role as "Ronnie." What separates great actors from good actors is when they play their characters in a serious light, even in comedy situations. Never in this film did Ronnie fail to suspend my disbelief that he was a security guard who wanted to be "the man" as a police officer. Rogan could have chosen to play the role a bit "silly-ish" which would have wrecked the whole thing. From his blinded love for Brandi to his strange self confidence, to the sincerity in his job, i.e. when being interviewed by the media, he stops the interview when the interviewer refers to him as a mall security officer. He corrects her, "You f#$%ed up!... I'm head of mall security... you need to start this over." There is a classic scene where the guards discuss with one another why they are not allowed to carry guns as part of their job. (Every real guard has this conversation regularly). Further discussions as to the maximum capacity of magazines. Ronnie - "I thought it was only 18 rounds... are you confirming 20?" Response: "Yes... I'm confirming 20... that is confirmed." Obsession with firearms is a common theme in the life of the guard.

Everyone has probably met someone who wants to be a police officer, but who you question as far as their mental status to perform the job. Ronnie brings plenty of humor to his police officer psychological interview. When asked why the doctors took him off prescription medication, his response is simply, "They didn't." This is because he took himself off of them.

The film has quite a few misses too. Although Michael Pena is extremely funny in moments playing the number two officer, Dennis, his comedic timing seems to be off at occasionally, (which could have potentially been fixed by simple editing), and his "slurring" voice is hard to understand at times. Example: There is a scene when Ronnie's love, Brandi, is being interviewed by the police following an altercation with a flasher. It is suggested to Brandi that the flasher may come back and murder her. Flasher's usually don't murder people, and when Ronnie tells her that she will be murdered, this is mildly funny. Brandi responds with elevated hysteria stating, "I'm gonna die?" The camera then switches to Dennis who responds in his whisper-y voice, "You're gonna die." I went to great length to explain this scene because although it was funny, it could have been really, really funny having been timed right, and with appropriate expression and voice from Dennis. Dennis does not fit the profile for someone who Ronnie would trust in the "real" security world. Although it is funny to watch Dennis perform his "gang posturing," I doubt Ronnie would approve if he had written the films script. The Dennis character should have been constructed to better suit Ronnie's needs.

I could go on and on about this film. There is so much quality acting and humor in it to set it self apart from the rest.

The "Taser scene" is one of the films funniest and can be watched over and over.

Humor in the film aside, Rogan's portrayal of the lowly security guard is spot on. Seth Rogan has definite Oscar potential in his future. Good luck dude, and keep up the great work!

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Creative and Clever, 9 November 2009

"Secret Girlfriend" is one of the most creative ideas since "Arrested Development." Hopefully it will not meet the same shortly lived fate. The idea of the show is that "you" the television viewer, are the perspective of the camera. Occasionally the camera changes to one of the frequent short video vignettes your friends create and post on a YouTube-like website in an apparent attempt to gain popularity for them. The humor is extremely current, intelligently executed, and never gets... for lack of a better work, "stupid," despite the subject matter. The scenes change so much that one feels like they are on a roller coaster for a half-hour ride. The episodes are sometimes funnier on the second viewing, much like classic Monty Python skits. The only downside of Secret Girlfriend is that it is "different." Being different means that the average viewer simply surfing through the channels may not stop to watch, but perhaps the constant beautiful women in nearly every scene will keep them occupied until they realize the genius of the show.