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The Real Eve (2002) (TV)
The Greatest Journey Ever Taken, 21 June 2012

I thought the 'Out of Africa' debate was finally settled. Apparently not judging from some of the comments on YouTube where I watched this. Fortunately, reviewers at IMDb are more measured in their remarks.

But the facts are pretty clear on this point. Homo sapiens began leaving Africa around 80,000 years ago, and via Yemen and the Levant, spread all across the world.

Some people don't 'like' the idea that we're ALL African under the skin. And some still 'hate' science and cling to the Biblical stories as if they were literal truth. Too bad. They thus miss the point of Science AND of the Bible.

One of the best documentaries I've seen on the 'final' adaptations that made us the beings we are today. I'd like to see more on the meeting with Homo neanderthalensis in Europe, but it's covered amply in other docs so it's a minor criticism.

I'd like to commend Mark Thomas' music for its grace and competence. In a few key moments it is quite touching.

A nice balance of science and 'human-ness'. 8 out of 10.

Max (2002/I)
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a cautionary tale..., 25 October 2010

I just stumbled upon this film on HBO and must admit that I was taken a bit aback at first, seeing a portrayal of Adolf Hitler (Noah Taylor) as a post-WWI struggling artist and his relationship with a (Jewish!) art dealer (John Cusack). It's difficult for most of us to separate the monster from the strange, brooding and maladjusted but also rather bright human being who would become that monster. But I found myself rather absorbed. There are plenty of 'liberties' taken with actual history, but it IS a film after all...

Rothman's anti-war 'performance art' piece with the meat grinder was brilliant I thought, and the roiling art scene of post-war Germany (Dada and Surrealism were just getting off the ground) was portrayed pretty well. John Cusack is very good as usual, and Noah Taylor's performance as the mediocre artist turning politician is riveting... and disturbing.

I agree with Dr. Aaron's comments... As I said, there are some inaccuracies, but I applaud the effort. It took some guts to make this film. People should watch it, as there are some parallels with our current time that should be carefully... noted. You know what they say about those who forget history...

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Hey, it's a Mummy movie... Lighten Up!, 21 July 2010

I'm a bit surprised at the vitriol expressed in so many of the reviews of this film! Sure, it has plenty of flaws (as do Mummys 1 and 2), but it's also entertaining and exciting in many places! And ANYTHING with Michelle Yeoh in it is worth seeing as far as I'm concerned. The young lady who plays Lin (Isabella Leong) is simply... stunning. What a beauty!

So I'd suggest to viewers not to waste so much effort pointing out the rather obvious weaknesses, or the fact that the Mandarin is poorly spoken (I, for one, can't tell the difference anyway! ;-}).

Just break out the popcorn and enjoy a classic Saturday matinée type movie!