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King Corn (2007)
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Well done, 30 January 2008

I was expecting the Michael Moore treatment showing how evil big corporations are to unsuspecting Americans with a snide but preachy sense of humor. Instead you find fair treatment of all the issues with multiple perspectives shown. The makers really were fair and balanced. Agriculture issues tend to be complicated with many shades of gray between minimal black and white. The makers of King Corn drifted across this monochrome spectrum with ease by letting the subject speak for itsself. As a midwesterner, I was very surprised that they didn't portray Iowans as backward rednecks straight from central casting. I hope they decide to make more documentaries as they did wonderful with this one!

Twister (1996)
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Fun from the Midwest, 29 January 2007

I happened to see this film in tornado alley. I watched it in Ponca City, Oklahoma in 1997. This is in Kay County, which gets more tornadoes than any other county in Oklahoma. I would venture that most of the audience has seen a tornado, spent a night in the cellar taking cover, or knew the story of the Memorial Day tornado that killed 22 or so in the next town to the west. I thought I would listen to the audience comments on the way out from these harden veterans. I didn't hear any complaints that the scenario was unrealistic. Most had seen similar events. Smoe even knew the locations in the film. Of particular interest was the oil tank in the farm in the opening scene. It was labeled Cross Oil Company, Ponca City OK. The ironic thing was that Cross was a town north on the railroad from Ponca City that was destroyed by a tornado. The story writing is pedestrian, but the action is good. I wasn't expecting Citizen Kane when I went in, so I wasn't disappointed at all. Its a good rental too. The twisters show off the bass on your home theater system quite well!

Epic Movie (2007)
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Not very funny., 29 January 2007

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What happened to the good old days of Airplane and Mel Brooks when satire was good? Epic Movie did not answer this question by putting its name up with Blazing Saddles or even Gremlins 2. The only reason this gets a 3 and not a one is because of the cast. Fred Willard was worth a point and a half with the other 1.5 belonging to Jayma Mays. I remember a small laugh here and there during the move, but I don't remember why or what I was laughing at 48 hours later. I do remember which parts were worse than others. The whole Willy Wonka satire, any line said by Captian Jack Swallows, any satire of Cribs, Punk'd, or any other MTV related show. However, I may be overlooking the true genius of this picture: It made big bucks. It took a genius to take this bag of moldy tangerines of a movie and make money with it. They got my $8.50. The only way I could see this movie growing on me over time is if Jayma Mays marries me. Then this would be a 10 out of 10 stars!

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The movie that made the clichés, 19 June 2004

I stayed up late to watch this one on TCM last night. It was really fascinating to watch a classic gangster movie contemporary to the era. It was also fascinating to watch an early talkie. Somebody who didn't know better might think that this movie was cliché ridden considering all the well-known lines in this movie, but this was the movie that made the clichés. Edward G Robinson was just begging for parody in this movie and I am glad that TCM chose to show the classic Merry Melodies cartoon "Thugs With Dirty Mugs" before the movie. This really made the movie even more enjoyable. This isn't a deep film, and the plot is very simple, but it was good entertainment. 7/10

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Great Parody!, 19 June 2004

I never knew movie parody was developed this well in 1939, but this was a great send-up on gangster films of the era. This was shown on TCM before an airing of Edward G. Robinson's classic of 1931, Little Caeser. This cartoon complimented the film very well. Of course, this cartoon is a tour de force for Tex Avery. Very little of the humor seems dated in 2004, or is sophisticated enough to still have lots of appreciation. One exception was the imitation Fred Allen. However, this one needs to be seen more often as it is one of Tex Avery's best! It gets a 9/10. This is humour you didn't see in the 1970's, much less the late '30's.

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Not really original, 12 June 2004

I wasn't really impressed by this movie. It seemed to run the gamut from too curious kids who never seemed to run when they were scared to horrible rural stereotypes. I thought the only mildly spooky scene was the last one, which I won't describe as not to spoil the ending. I will say that it was somewhat unexpected, but not that big of a twist either. Critical words aside, I didn't intensely dislike the movie either. It was just a typical horror movie like I saw as a kid. Good to watch with a fraidy-cat who will cuddle up to you to hide her eyes during the scary parts. This movie does not require a lot of brain power to watch, so don't expect a deep experience.