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"Invasion" (2005)
Why would you do that???, 4 November 2009

There are very few shows that are as complex and thrilling as invasion. Somehow i entirely missed this shows television life, noticing it on the shelf of a local pawn shop i picked it up thinking, "meh... something to watch when I'm board" little did i know i would have the entire series done in the next two days. Overall i thought the show was perfect it isn't just a sci-fi about an alien invasion, it's more than that there are so many contributing factors to the story line. ANyways my point is invasion is a unique gem that should never have been cancelled. The show was just going in such a good direction and the note they leave us on is unfair..... This show needs to come back to at least conclude the story, i mean like come on i know for a fact there are a million angry fans out there. Someone should definitely write the producers of this show because i don't know how much longer i can go with out the answers...... PLEASE JUST FINNISH THE SHOW!!!! even with a different cast as long as you kept Tom, Mirial, Russel and Larkin... it just doesn't make sense to have such a unique and powerfully interesting plot and not conclude it. PLEASE SOMEBODY

"Fringe" (2008)
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Good Show, 4 November 2009

OK first things first...... you people can't just watch the first two episodes and say that this show isn't good. the first few episodes of any show are bound to be a little slower than the latter. And how can you not dig the strange things that take place in this show. I think it is an excillent, fresh, new idea and has a lot of potential. It's kind of like CSI meets the x-files with some weird science in the mix. Overall i think this series has great potential if you saw the first two episodes and gave up on the show your an idiot. Myself being a huge fan of Lost was a little skeptical about Fringe and was even a little bit disappointed with the first few episodes. Keep watching and like me you will be pleasantly surprised!