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An earlier Version of Child's Christmas in Wales - Marvin Lichtner 1962, 9 November 2009

As snsnews, this isn't so much a comment/feedback on this particular adaptation but a question about an earlier version.

The 26 minute short photo montage of "A Child's Christmas in Wales" made in 1961/62 by Marvin Lichtner is beautiful. snsnews - I can confirm that Marvin Lichtner was indeed the director. I do not know anything about Lichtner, but would really like to know a bit about him if anyone can help me please get in touch.

Pennsylvania State University distributed it originally, and they still own a copy, as well as The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York - but I do not know where the film can be found on VHS/DVD for purchase I'm afraid? Does anybody know who owns the copyright to this film?