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The Films I currently own in no particular order (films are added every so often)
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These are the most beautiful films I have ever seen in no particular order. They are all beautiful because they explore human intuition and what people do and their motives.
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My Favorite Female Performances in no particular order.
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My Favorite Male Performances of all time in no particular order.
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These are movies that are given the title "great film" which unreasonably dominate the IMDb Top 250 (some are not though). The amount of foreign film on the Top 50 is truly shocking-- although there are some, but they are the "wrong" ones (the entertaining or the "just well known so i'll give it a 10/10 like everyone else") I have had people come up to me saying that these are their favorite films and talk about them as if they are the greatest movies ever made which is so narrow minded. The fact that most americans don't want to read subtitles and neglect the greatest films ever made is so anti-secular. These film are NOT necessarily terrible and some are actually good, but my argument is they are given WAY too much credit that they hardly deserve (mostly due to the fact that many won or were nominated for Academy Awards) and people watch these films and then consider themselves "film buffs"...THESE MOVIES ARE NOT HALF AS GOOD AS YOU THINK THEY ARE...THEY ARE INUNDATED WITH SOLE ENTERTAINMENT VALUES...
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I am aware that the availibility of the movies change quite often but i will do my best to regulate my list accordingly. if you guys want to give a mesage at the bottom notifying me if they are no longer instant, that would be excellent.