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You may not agree with some of my choices, but i have my reasons for each. However, some are no brainers....
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An ever growing list of titles that have lingered in my psyche long after viewing. Keep checking back as I am constantly adding to this.

In no particular order....
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OK, so.... the 10/10 rating (much like the 1/10) is serious business and never given out lightly. It is a rare feat indeed for me to be so effected by a film to give a 10/10. I'm no film critic and make no apologies and offer no explanations for the titles listed here, except to say that this list is uniquely my own, some titles here will be roundly applauded whereas some will leave people wondering, but each film here has definately left a huge imprint on me as a movie lover.
Here I include only movies and short films. No TV series or concerts.