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A list of the most annoying actors that can be found in movie history.
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This list contains some ultimate favourite titles that can be strongly recommended for anyone who's into quality films. We should all be grateful for these gems, both the exposed and the rare. The order is random.
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Random order. A bunch of comic-universe superhero movies.
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In random order. A list of international films I've seen that features choreographed martial arts showdowns. Some good, some bad. Some old, some new. Some of them starring Bruce Lee, Jackie Chan, Jet Li, Donnie Yen, etc.
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In random order. The genres are primarily: slasher, zombie, ghost-stories or psychopath-type films... Some fall out of the category, but can be justified by their fear-envoking nature!
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Long journeys, incredible adventures, classical character development and/or epic battles or events. In random order.
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Why do we watch these flicks? This is a list of movies containing torture, extreme and sadistic violence, rape, humiliation and other forms of disgusting and disturbing content. In random order. Some are more disturbing than others - the entire scale is represented.
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The worst movies ever. The biggest fails of movie history. Most of them should not be seen by anyone, unless, of course, they are in the mood for a bad film! Most of them are just a waste of time, failed effort, while others are judged extra harshly due to their promising material. (It might seem ungrateful to be negative and create a list like this, but making it really does not say that I did not appreciate that the projects were made.)
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A list of surrealistic, bizarre, crazy or just plain absurd movies. Some are meaningless, some are fantastic.
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Gangster-themed movies I've seen. In random order.
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Some movies that take place in the old west, full of gunfights and cowboys. In random order.
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In random order.
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Random order.
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In random order. Some TV shows that I've come across or seen from A to Z. Some should be hated, some should be honoured.
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Movies your girlfriends, wives, sisters and mothers will recommend; but do not be fooled: they are all chick-flicks and they suck! They will claim that these films have a little something for everyone, but they do not!
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The most solid film-makers of all time. Some have created many masterpieces, while others are just interesting because of one or two successful projects. However they all deserve some role in movie history.
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A list of decent, interesting or tolerable films; projects that succeeded in some degree. The following films are deemed possible to watch and enjoy. Not all of it is good taste, but then again, what is? A movie can be on this list for one of three reasons: (1) the film is a masterpiece or has a high-degree of epistemic value; (2) the film is merely entertaining, but can have flaws; (3) the film is so bad (stupid or badly executed) that it is actually good. (I have tried to keep the list international and tried avoiding to be too pretentious.) I realize that I am not the judge of universal good taste, but I have, nonetheless, tried to argue for - and justify - my choices.