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Entertaining, even for adults, 25 October 2009

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Dr Brein, known from the previous movie strikes again. First from prison through her helps Boris and Joris, later she escapes and pairs up with them. She hates Sinterklaas more than ever and goes out of her way to ruin the arrival of Sinterklaas in Holland.

This movie is very entertaining for all those who still believe. But even for adults it's quite funny. It has lots of familiar faces (even some of the past like Adriaan (from Bassie) and Tante 'kloddertje roze' Til.

The movie is somewhat predictable but when taking the age group that it's meant for into consideration that's no big deal. The kids in the audience loved the movie.

I do somewhat feel bad about the fact that it went to theaters before Sinterklaas actually arrived in Holland. In the movie it is clearly shown how he arrives and that raised a lot of questions with my 6 yr old. "Mommy, I thought he was supposed to come in three weeks time from now?" They should have waited till after November 14th to put this in the theaters.

But other than that, thumbs up.

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Saai, 25 October 2009

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

This movie was boring. It has somewhat of a storyline but basically it's just one long Sinterklaasjournaal.

The songs that it promotes in the title are all very short and are over before the audience is warmed up. The entire movie was over before the audience was warmed up. And that is not just the opinion of this adult. My 6 year old daughter also thought of this movie as boring.

The other children in the audience didn't leave the theater thrilled either (and normally one would expect that after seeing Sint on the big screen).

The opposing Sinterklaas movie, de verdwenen pakjesboot, is much more entertaining. Even somewhat fun for adults because of all the familiar faces.