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Stinky and Ugly, 28 May 2010

I AM female. I love to watch a good chic-flick. However, I was so disappointed. This movie has little to offer except constantly changing 'bizarre' costuming presented as high fashion and thoroughly embarrassing 'ugly American' scenes of over-indulged, entitled and rudely written characters. I went to the theater to enjoy a fun movie. I came away shaking my head. The movie was disrespectful to me as an American woman. Who acts like Samantha when in a foreign country, the Middle East or otherwise? As I watched the characters make total asses of themselves I was embarrassed for them simply sitting in the theater. It's no wonder other countries believe Americans lack respect for everyone and everything. Hollywood apparently does and wants everyone to know it. Unfortunately, the general public is judged by Hollywood--the American delivery system. It's not worth the money to see it. If you can get it on DVD for a buck, then judge for yourself.

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In What Dream?, 21 October 2009

The movie was almost boring and certainly flat on the comedy side. It's a fade-away movie that, in the future, will play on a Saturday afternoon in the kitchen or while tinkering in the garage cause nothing note worthy happens and the plot contains mostly male adolescent jokes.

Biggest complaint: Disconnect on ages and appearances between the women and men. Women were too young for the parts they played against the men. All the women (even the two oldest) looked fabulous, (as all women must be to even GET a part in Hollywood). The men were overweight to grossly overweight and appeared even older on screen than they actually are in real life. It was an sharp imbalance that made the movie even worse. Like, oh yeah, these beautiful, fit, youthful, majorly doable women would be seen with these guys, let alone married to them. Right. It makes a woman ask repeatedly --- What planet IS the male Hollywood crowd from anyway?