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A little bit better, 14 October 2016

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

This episode continues the trend of attempting fixes for the previous bad season.

+ Laurel is called out on her lack of skills.

+ Felicity finally gets to show some remorse for nuking several thousand people.

+ Oliver continues to be a bad***, and shows he does not want to make the same mistake twice

+ Action alone.

- Introducing a meta to the team: it is pretty predictable he will not last long

- Felicity a little too condescending

- Dumb handling of "evidence". In previous seasons, they would at least use plastic bags to prevent contamination.

- Prometheus forcing Church not to kill GA was a mistake that will come back latter.

- You can still tell that they are reusing sets.

- Diggle army buddys were obviously villains from the start, and the resolution is also pretty predictable.

All in all: nice episode, but its outcomes are predictable

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Mixed feelings, 6 October 2016

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

It looks like the writers are trying to retcon as much as possible from S4.

+ Arrow kills again when needed.

+ Better fight scenes + Russia flashbacks actually make sense.

+ Trick Arrows, several of them.

+ Character insight, more than the entire S4 combined.

+ No apparent directing/continuity mistakes.

- Felicity love triangle.

- Too much empathizes on team Arrow.

- Sound is not yet up to par with S1 and S2.

- terrible set budget.

Conclusion: best Arrow episode since S3 mid season finale (that's one year and a half), but still has much to fix.

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A cheap resolution to a very cheap season, 27 May 2016

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I don't usually write reviews, mostly because I tend to just get over the fact that some shows may not be worth their season pass money. But for this particular episode, it stands to mark it is the biggest failure of TV on recent years, from a show that used to be one of my favorites.

This episode was so bad that it makes epic failures like "Beacon of Hope" or "Broken hearts" look like cinematography masterpieces in comparison.

I usually give points for more than just writing and acting, but this episode had none, bar the efforts of Stephan and Paul to actually save something. As for the rest of the cast, they were all just terrible.

The "honorable mention" goes to Emily Bett Rickards. She was so wooden and stiff in this episode, that it looks like this is her first time on scene. Don't get me wrong. She has improved throughout the season, but in this particular episode, she just failed to deliver.

She didn't even bother looking at the screen when she started her fake type on the keyboard, and while on the rooftop, trying to save the city from a nuke, she was rather dancing than concentrating on the show. Her delivery of dramatic lines (we have X time until world ends/star city ends/everything ends) dispelled all sense of tension from the episode. She is really not good at delivering dramatic lines, and she proved it yet again.

The story was basically stupid. Just like almost all the big arcs in this season, the writers wrote themselves into a corner and had to force the narrative to win. Nobody would have been fooled into taking seriously that the world was going to end. These kind of things don't catch. They tried to go local and grab some emotions from the viewers with nuking star city, but that didn't work either, we all know the city was going to be fine.

Just like with the empty grave from the beginning of the season, writers used cheap tricks to keep the audience from not falling asleep (and judging by the responses, they failed) and to keep their narratives actually remotely connected.

The character of Donna Smoak is completely useless. Her riding out into the sun set with Quentin was even worse and less believable.

Oliver speech to the citizens of Star City, although well delivered, was cheesy and goofy. And the city's reaction to it was just as unbelievable. Stephan Amel tried his best, but he just couldn't do too much with the bad script. The team's reaction to it was far worse: instead of dealing with the nukes, they were watching the speech on TV. Small talk and speeches about hope, darkness, light, friendship and other related topics were all over the place, making me believe I was watching anime, and not Arrow.

But probably the worst offenders were the directing and the editing of the series. I can understand the writers not having the technical know-how of how nukes, computers, hacking and the like works, otherwise they wouldn't be TV writers, so I can get past the glaring plot holes in this regard, but boy the directing was terrible.

A particular character that was in a room disappeared while the room was stormed by HIVE goons, then reappeared after it was all done. The GFX were terrible, and the stunts were just as bad. The final battle between Darhk and Oliver, both former members of the league of assassins, involved taking turns in hitting each other. Gone are the fights from S1 and S2 that kept you thrilled to the very last second. The street fight between HIVE goons and the citizens of starling was just as bad. HIVE goons forgot they have weapons, so they all went into a fist fight against a much higher number of enemies. That makes perfect sense for the writers and directors apparently. They even recycled this plot point they used last year against Brick.

The editing was just as bad: you could see the budget for this episode was really low, the music did not match the scenes at all (when there was any music or sound!), all contributing to a very boring, stale, almost goofy atmosphere you usually see in cheap comedy movies.

After several episodes of the magic idol showing up, I still don't understand why it was put together again, and why the team (or ARGUS) didn't bother destroying it again. This is just one more thing for forced narratives.

The pussification of Oliver Queen concluded when he wasn't able to dodge the arrow Darhk fired at him. This downward trend for his fighting capabilities started in the first episode of S4 and finished here. To this point, his side kicks are better than him. But the only issue lies that all the big fighters here, Oliver, Malcom and Darhk, had inconsistent abilities throughout the season. I miss the times when Malcom could catch arrows with his bare hands, Oliver go toe to toe with Deathstroke and not get owned by street thugs.


Despite Stephan's best efforts to turn this into an acceptable episode, he had nothing to work with. Even taking the place of his stunt double in the final fight with Darhk did not change much.

1/10 is a great score. It deserved 0.

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Doctor Who is just going down, 5 October 2011

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Since the infamous phrase of the 11th doctor "Geronimo" at the end of the 4th season, this show has been in a contentious fall, and I really wonder how much more can it go down.

I also do not understand how this episode could get 8.9 score, because it was just terrible. Absolutely terrible, but it seems a lot of people have some fanatic faith in Doctor Who Basically, lets just talk about the most obvious hole in the plot. It is so damned obvious, I wonder why only a few actually talk about it.

So, for the first part of the episode, we are told what happens if the Doctor does not die at Lake Silencio (nice hint towards Silence): The history all becomes messed up, time stops following, the universe is simply going to die.

Latter on, Moffat decides to completely trash that, and replace the Doctor with a robot doctor...I really, really wonder why nobody said anything about this. This is probably the WORST writing I've ever seen my entire life. Not even Steven Segal movies are that bad. Basically, the writers simply offend the viewers, by throwing them some bad story, and claim it is complicated and all that stuff, when it is not. The writing was bad, and they simply got away with it because of the professionalism of the VFX and Sound teams, which did a great job (that 6 comes from them).

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the end of the first Stargate Era, 24 June 2011

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

As much as the fans hoped, Stargate Universe did not get it's 3rd season, nor a miniseries or other form of continuation. Unfortunately, this closes up the franchise, at least for some years to come.

The episode Gauntlet has everything you would want to find an a real Stargate episode. Not too action packed, but still enough for everyone, impressive special effects, a lot of funny moments, a brilliant idea and a open ending cliffhanger. I for one hoped Rush would find an alternative to Eli's solution...

It's a shame that SGU got so awesome during the second season, yet the management of Syfy decided it didn't worth their time, and played around with the series, moving the airing night from it's established Friday in favor of wrestling. This series had so much potential, proved by this finale episode. Unfortunately for us, neither the writers not syfy were able to hardness its potential.

And so, jumping to FTL for the last time, Destiny leaves our known galaxy and into the darkness ahead. So does our long lived Stargate close for the last time. Hopefully, in time, the series will be continued.

Long live Stargate!

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pure win, 17 November 2010

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

This series is pure win.

It's so well made, and the plot so goodly thought out, that in most cases is far better than most "serious" as in "non-anime" TV series, you would almost not allow your little kids to actually watch this.

As stated in some other reviews, this series is no longer broad casted and the DVD have been sold out in small numbers, however, if you can find this on trackers, or somewhere else, maybe even get the real DVDs if you are lucky, it is definitely worth watching.

The action takes place in the future, after a big meteor hit earth and destroyed most of the human civilization. after a long war with "group 666" the World Confederacy under Richard Julian is trying to maintain peace, permanently threatened by group's 666 attempts to take over world's domination.a young man, Chris Colorado, is trying to dig out the truth about his family's troubled past

Dialog is very solid, something you would usually not expect from an anime series. so is the music, which actually sends boredom away from the watchers.

If you get the chance to see these, don't miss it.

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interesting, 1 May 2010

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

quite interesting actually...

while not at all packed with action, this is a very nice episode. we have a lot of stargate action, drama, flashbacks, a very well thought out episode for character build. we finally find out why the though sergent(forgot his name) is so different from the others. Rush and Young seem to have finally found a way to work togather. TJ's secret is revealed...while three of the main characters remain stranded in a different galaxy, really making you want to watch another episode to see what will happen to them.

this show is getting better, hands down. It is different from the other Stargates but it is definitely a good show, with a different approach.

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Finally, 3 April 2010

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Finally, we can call this a sci-fi show.

Interesting plot, hostile aliens, space battles, and the usual drama, even if it is at a way smaller scale. This episode has them all. An authentic stargate episode.

The ship is under attack by hostile aliens, which, by the way, no longer speak English(that is a step forward I suppose), have the same, or even higher level of technology, Rush finds his way back on Destiny, and Young redeems himself for letting Rush on the planet the last episode.

However, I still found a hole in the plot, did the ancients seriously built the ship out of a material that's highly conductive? They did not anticipate the possibility of surges? They could at least paint the inner walls with something that prevents surges from striking crew members...

This show is slowly getting better, or so it would seem. If you didn't watch this episode, I suggest you do, because it's is worth all the time.

Let's hope they keep on with the good episodes.

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maybe the best sci fi show ever, 19 February 2010

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I read a few of the reviews from other user, and I'm stunned that a lot of people find this show terrible.

first off, I would like to have a word with the guys that do not understand the plot: this is not supposed to be a sci fi with a lot of bad, ugly, overgrown, 12 headed aliens. The mare fact that the aliens look like humans, makes the show more realistic. Have you ever heard of natural selection? If so, you would understand that ridiculous creatures, with strange sounds and other things like that can not survive. You would argue now that not every planet may support life like Earth, and those which do, may have different life forms. But why so different? if they sustain life, they have to be of similar size with Earth(else gravity would crush beings into insect-like size), with oxygen, a lot of water, maybe more than 50% of the surface, with a solar system similar to ours. In other words, all the events that happened on Earth and shaped life forms could happen there, thus humanoid aliens are much more plausible than ugly creatures.

second: the similarity to current earth society and religion. That's perfectly normal, since the guys who were thousands of light years away came to our planet, and brought with them the influences of their civilization.

third: this show has a well developed drama, it explores the human mind very well. Humans, regardless of their location, always believed in something higher than them. In early ages, the concept of God or gods helped them "understand" phenomena around them In order to make this a complete exploration of the human mind, the concept of God had to exist. As human society progressed, God offered a meaning of life. eternal life, life after death, the answer to many fundamental questions.

now, my own observations on this show: in few is perfect. It covers almost every aspect of the human condition. Characters evolve, sometimes in unexpected ways. You can actually see from one episode to another that at least one of them has changed something in their personality, which is great, and not many other shows manage to capture this on camera. Play-acting is great, almost flawless. Representative is the 10th episode of the second season "Pegasus" where you can actually see the determination of Commander Adama, when, knowing that Pegasus would prevail over Galactica, and that this insubordination would cost his life, he still acted to save his men.

All in all, this is a perfect series, and anyone who thinks other-wise has no experience when it comes to cinematography.