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Disgusting piece of garbage, 11 October 2011

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I like a good horror movie, but this piece of crap is nothing more than a few extremely gruesome kill scenes taped together with a script written by a forth grader. I hate torture porn, I hate the proliferation of it, had I known this was going to be that I would not have watched it, in fact I only watched up to the point where the Johnny Jones character is brutally tortured and killed, the scene made me sick so I did a quick eject and threw it back in the mail. The convoluted history of this film should have been a clear warning to me to stay far far away. This was filmed in 2007 and bounced from distributor to distributor until the most desperate distributor finally decided to release this turkey on a innocent public. Do not waste your time on this straight to video mess, the acting is horrible, no story whatsoever and it is truly disgusting. I hope someone out there with a brain bigger than a chimps will inject the genre with intelligent horror and not ride on sick gore which if the story sucks is not worth watching anyway, two thumbs down

Beastly (2011)
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Bad Really Bad, 29 August 2011

I love Alex P! he is hot and he is a good actor but he should have passed on this project. There is little character development and there is not enough build up to the central part of the story. I also just did not believe that Alex's (Kyle) would be interested in Lindy. There was no chemistry here, and the script is to blame. Neil Patrick saves the movie from total turkey-ism. Mary Kate was also a surprise, I thought she did a good job and wish she would have had a larger role. Overall a forgettable film that everyone involved should have passed on. I hope Alex's next films are better than this cause he is too new in the business to be putting out bombs. He is already getting typecast as the a-hole good looking jerk in half of the films he has done. Hopefully more positive characters will come his way. Don't waste your time on this one, its a straight to DVD kinda flick.

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Over-hyped and Boring, 29 August 2011

I don't get the deal with this movie. I fell asleep twice as I tried with all of my energy to get through it. Monroe sleep walks through the picture, she appears bloated and drugged and a little to old to be playing the constant "Show girl" act. The romance between her and Gable is laughable, he was way to old to be playing a leading man role here, it would have made more sense to have Monty Clift in that role and perhaps a young Steve Mcqueen in Clift's role. Thelma Ritter always shines and she is really the only bright spot in the film. The on location filming is a bonus as it was rare for studios to go on location at that time. The quality of the remastered DVD is excellent but the story is SO slow and SO unbelievable that I just found it odd and rather contrived. I hear Monroe made it a living hell for the rest of the cast and crew on this film as she was always late, drugged and unprofessional. I have never found her to be that great of an actress to begin with, here it's just painful to watch. For die hard Monroe fans only.

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No Surprise, 10 August 2011

I can't believe his show was on as long as it was. Lopez is a funny guy and his sitcom was OK, but the few times I watched his talk show I was not impressed. He also has a lot of issues around women and gays and that is a big turn off. He's just kinda of a big mouth who used his wife until he got ahead then he dumped her, I think the word tool is appropriate in his case or perhaps he is a closet case? Either way I hope they find something with some entertainment value to put on during that time slot that is not a talk show or a reality show, hell reruns of the Flying Nun would be an improvement! I think the whole late night thing is pretty stale now, I can't stand Leno, Cohen or Kimmell, (how Jimmy got his own show I will never know, I guess he was F;;;ing Ben Affleck.

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Tim McGraw steals the movie, 3 August 2011

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There is one good thing about Country Strong and that is the wonderful performance of Tim McGraw. The complex emotional performance of a man watching the love of his life self destruct as well as grieving for his lost child is heartbreaking. He goes from anger and resentment to sadness and withdrawal, just as one would expect for someone in his position. The two supporting characters really are not needed here. The story would have been much more powerful if it had centered just on McGraw and Paltro. The pacing is slow and its a difficult film to watch. I felt emotionally drained after watching it. The soundtrack is good but the film seems to wonder around trying to figure out who it is about and where it is going. Don't pick this one if you are looking for an "up" film.

Riptide (1934)
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Dull and uninteresting, 3 August 2011

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I loved Norma Shearer in The Women,Marie Antoinette and The Divorcée. However I'm finding her other films to be one disappointment after another and Riptide is no exception. Costarring the overused Robert Montgomery, Norma stars as yet another NY party girl (she was now a bit old to be playing these giddy socialite parts) who of course meets a Lord, gets married and then a misreported adventure with a former bf causes scandal and she is faced with divorce. The pace of the film is about as slow as watching paint dry, Montgomery is his usual annoying self as the drunken bf who almost kills himself because of his love for Norma (after not seeing her for years he does this in one evening). The plot is stale, Norma overacts and Montgomery is just annoying. Herbert Marshall is totally miscast as a leading man, as he seems the most boring man on earth, why would Norma's character even like him? I found myself falling asleep during the pivotal (it's divorce!) scene. For die hard Norma fans only.

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Still an awesome movie 32 years later, 13 April 2011

This is the cult teen movie of all time and I'm glad I'm lucky enough to know it.

In 1979 another film entitled "The Warriors" was released not long before "Over the Edge", and in LA and Newyork gang members in the theaters caused trouble and vandalized the theaters. So Orion Pictures got scared and basically shelved this movie for fear it would cause teen riots.

Thank god HBO was in it's infancy then and showed the movies the theaters didn't dare (at the time). That is where I first saw "Over the Edge". When I found out it had finally been released on DVD I was thrilled. To see this film in its original widescreen format and in pristine condition is awesome. If you have been reading the reviews on here you know the story, so I won't go into those details, but what I will tell you is that I know exactly where most of the filming sites are located in Aurora CO.

I lived in Aurora at the time and it was a huge deal that the movie was being filmed there. All of the background players are actual Jr high school kids from Aurora, in fact all of the kid actors are 15 and under so the realism makes this film a standout.

New Granada Jr High is actually Aurora Hills Middle School located at 1009 South Uvalda Street Aurora, CO 80012-3407. This is right at the intersection of E. Mississippi Ave and South Troy Street.

The party house where Carl sees Cory making out with Mike Perry in the basement is located at 1484 S Vaughn Circle, Aurora CO 80012 (this is a private residence so if you visit, please do not trespass or disturb the residents).

The town homes where Carl and Claude lived across from the Rec are located in the 2600 block of south Dayton Way in Aurora Co 80012. The Rec of course was a set and the empty field it was in is now a huge condo complex.

The apartments Matt Dillon lived in are located in East Denver along Cherry Creek Drive south and E Mississippi Ave.

If you visit hope you enjoy!

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Great Overlooked Movie now on DVD, 24 March 2011

I read the book "The Other Side of Midnight" when it first came out and fell in love with Noelle and Catherine. When the movie came out I saw it twice at the theater and loved it. 20th century fox back-stabbed this movie by not marketing it that is why it did poorly at the box office. In reality this is an old style, glossy, sweeping love story set between the years 1939 and 1947.

I won't go into the plot other than to say it has it all. Love, hate, betrayal, glamor, drama, on location shooting all over the world (this was not a low budget film). I highly recommend this film to anyone who enjoys sweeping dramas, wonderful score and cinematography and a young Susan Sarandon already showing her big star chops. It is a long movie 2 hours and 45 minutes on DVD but it has been remastered the picture is perfect and the sound is as good as can be expected from a film made in 1977.

Lipstick (1976)
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Realistic Look at our injustice system, 17 February 2011

Lipstick was just released on DVD and the remastered print in its original widescreen format greatly improves the viewing experience. I had an old VHS copy which was full screen and a bad transfer at that. This DVD release is clear, crisp and has great audio for a 1976 film.

I won't rehash the story but will comment on the film itself. The stark depiction of rape on screen was a new thing in 1976 and I think most people were uncomfortable with the subject matter. The film is well produced and it give you a great look back at LA circa 1976. The performances are somewhat uneven but for her first film Margaux gives a pretty good performance, especially in the rape and courtroom scenes. She was a beautiful women who's memory is forever on film. The striking thing about this film is that 35 years later our legal system and the way it treats women has not changed much, most rapes still go unreported and few perps are convicted.

The movie has its flaws but it never fails to entertain and it is much better than most films released today. I recommend this film for it's polished glossy feel, gritty realism, courtroom drama and dramatic conclusion. The film holds up well and other than the disco music at the beginning it could just as well be a story told today.

Don't listen to the haters on here, rent it or buy it, it's worth having in your collection.

Thirst (2010/I) (V)
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Worth Seeing, 9 November 2010

This is a well done independent film that has it's weak spots but overall is very good. The cinematography is beautiful in this film and the acting is well done by the four principles. I do wish that the Tyson and Jennifer characters had been flushed out more, their back-story was just not there and it made it harder for me to care about them, the married couple was played out very well and the ending was very heart wrenching. There are of course the "how could these people be so stupid" moments, but they are few and the film really does its job in showing how dangerous it is to be in any isolated area with out adequate supplies and ALWAYS let people know where you are. But I remember doing stupid things when I was young so you just have to get past those some points and take in the movie as a whole. Good weekend afternoon flick.

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