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The Crew (2008)
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Please please please don't waste your time on this awful movie, 15 April 2010

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I watched this movie after reading some of the reviews on IMDb. Some of them were glowing so I was surprised that it had passed me by. It must be a sign of the lack of quality British crime movies that people seem satisfied at the most paltry of offerings....

Where do I start? To be fair the one good thing in this movie is Stephen Graham. The problem is the fact that he elevates every scene that he's in only shines a light on how completely terrible everything else is.

The lead actor has zero charisma, the supporting cast are rejects from soaps. There are scenes that make absolutely no sense and do nothing to move the story along. There is no subtlety in the direction, especially in the intended comic scenes.

And it is such a hackneyed story - they even have a meet in a massive warehouse out in the sticks - for no reason at all....except that the director got a chance to gives us a Michael Mann wide shot....

Im trying to give some allowances for the fact that it was a low budget feature and that it is tough to get anything made these days....which is why I give it a 1 rating.

I recommend this movie to anyone who loves a violent flick and doesn't care that there isn't a good story to hang them on...

I feel sick.

Hit Girls (2011/III)
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The most fun you can have in 15 minutes without taking your clothes off., 18 October 2009

Unless you are that fortunate enough, "Hit Girls" is very likely the most fun you can have in 15 minutes. A great chick flick. No, scratch that because it isn't a chick flick at all, unless the particular chicks you refer to are packing serious heat.

I thoroughly enjoyed watching this short. Rosie Fellner is particularly alluring in her role. In fact all of the players acquit themselves extremely well.

The production values are extremely high for a short film.

I only caught this little gem by accident actually. I basiccally blagged my way into a screening, not knowing what I was getting into (my own version of Russian Roulette) and got extremely lucky.

Highly recommend it.