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This is by NO way a definite list a and I'm pretty sure after I post it will be out of date with my favorite horror films. But take a look at what they currently are.
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IN NO PARTICULAR ORDER !!!!!!!! I was originally going to list 10, but it got too hard after 5.
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Back in the days when art was art and wasn't too far above people's heads like it is today, there were REAL movie soundtracks. When most movies came out, especially older ones, the soundtrack stood out as it its own entity from the film. A vibrant, living, soulful composition to gracefully got into the 'groove' of the film. Today, a trend that began in the 1980s, has taken over where the soundtrack is merely either a AM radio station or just minor incidental cues that lightly compliment the film. I wasn't around when most of the movies on this list were made, but they've become some of my favorite movie themes of all time. Ranging from cinematic soundtrack masters, John Williams and Bernard Hermann, to more contemporary pop/rock artists such as The Beatles and Steppenwolf.
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With Steve Seagul, Chuck Norris, Jean Claude Van Damme, its obvious to me that Jackie Chan is king of the martial arts action sub-genre next to the late Bruce Lee. Chan's unique style of action, a combination of deathtifying stunts, insanely fast martial arts moves, and use of props (tables, chairs etc.) Jackie's films are usually a non-stop film and most are never let downs. While all of his films contain at least one great action sequence here I have chosen the Chan films that really stick out for me in terms of best fights and stunts. Aside from his great martial arts skills, Jackie is also one of the best actors I've ever seen. Most martial art action stars before Chan like Bruce Lee, Chuck Norris, and Steven Seagul could do little to know acting. Aside from this, Jackie can also sing ! This guy can do everything !

In NO particular order.
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To me these Bond films really contain all the best action sequences, the coolest villains, and gadgets etc.
This is in no particular order.