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Pawn (2013/I)
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Good, 27 April 2013

I watched this movie on one of those "lazy" days (it was the last day of my week-long vacation). I was bored and didn't want to do anything so I popped in a movie.

I quite enjoyed the movie until the ending. I think the writers ran out of weed or something and just got bored writing. The movie tried to build up all these possibilities and then in the end, it just abandoned everything. I found that I just sat there asking, "what about the..."

The rest of the story was fine: acting was good, lighting / atmosphere was quite pro, make-up / wardrobe was excellent. I think Michael Chiklis is a fine actor and in this movie, he really got to show how bad-ass he can be as an antagonist. Also, Jessica Szohr is nice eye- candy. :)

If you're bored on a lazy day with nothing else to do but entertain the mind, or if you're out conquering Pandaria, pop in this movie for a go.

Credo (2008)
Great Movie Until the End, 2 November 2010

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I've had this movie for a while but never got around to watching it until tonight. The description sounded great and I was feeling in the mood for a good scare via theological horror.

The ambiance of this movie is great. The lighting is was well done, although, there were a few scenes that seemed unrealistically well-lit for the depicted situation. The color schemes fit the mood of the movie perfectly with dull and dreary shades. The sound was also superb. The music really complemented the scenes.

The storyline was excellent, at least until the end. Basically, there are five college-aged kids, including three BEAUTIFUL busty chicks. The find an abandoned school that was the scene of a horrible multi-suicide and then one by one, they start dying off. For the most part, all the events of the movie are great and it kept my attention. The ending, however, seemed to be rushed. I consider it like this: the writers were smoking really good weed and wrote this great story but then ran out of weed and just ended their script.

I didn't feel much emotion while watching this movie. I was scared a few times and it was suspenseful at moments but I didn't feel any strong emotions, which I consider a fail for the movie.

I recommend this movie if you like psychological movies; although, I don't think it's nearly as good as a lot of other pysch movies. I think most people will be disappointed in the ending. To me, the best part of this movie, sadly, is the three beautiful women in it. So sad, so sad.

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I Don't Get It, 31 October 2010

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I decided to watch this movie based on its description and reviews it received. It sounded promising and seemed like it'd be a good movie for Halloween. Turns out, the writers were high on crack and put a bunch of images together that made no sense.

A lot of money was wasted on the ambiance in this movie. The lighting was decent, though it had way too many dark scenes with zero visibility. The colors used in the movie truly depict a gloomy existence. The music fits the scenes very nicely and created a great feeling of suspense and fear when needed. Both actors in this movie did a fantastic job. All the atmosphere of the movie was excellent.

The reason I give this movie a two start rating is because it makes no sense at all. You have a woman going to Russia to get her inheritance or something that she didn't even want in the first place. If you don't want it, why are you there? Turns out, her long lost twin brother is there too, for the same reason. Her brother disappears and then comes back and then disappears again. All the while, their ghosts are with them. I didn't understand the purpose of their ghosts.

If you're bored but are the mood for a horror movie, but this is the only movie available, go find a comedy movie. This movie was a total waste of my time. The ending was about as climatic as watching water boil. I hope they don't make more garbage like this.

Beneath (2007)
Not Bad, 31 October 2010

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I decided to watch this movie based on its description. It seemed like an interesting movie. Digging into your past is usually a good thing, so why not? The ambiance of this movie is good enough. Lighting is good, even in dark scenes. Colors really set the mood in this one. Sound was also good, as well as the music to set the mood. The acting was great and quite believable.

The storyline was also good. You have a woman who goes home to the location of a horrible car accident that has traumatized her in order to make sense of life. They did a good job letting the audience get to know the main character, as well as other main characters. The flaw in the storyline is there is no explanation for her supernatural ability to see what her sister has seen. I wish they would've explained that in more detail.

This movie did not trigger a lot of emotion for me but it was entertaining nonetheless. I felt bad for the main character and especially for her burned up sister. If you have time after an evening of PvP'ing in World of Warcraft, pop in this video and enjoy!!

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Has Potential, 30 October 2010

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I picked this movie because it sounded interesting. I tend to enjoy movies about ancient magic and stuff like that so I was hoping to see a good movie. I was so disappointed.

The ambiance for this movie was all wrong. Lighting was too bright, sound was horrible, and acting was subpar. There were outdoors scenes that were exceptionally bright, almost to the point where I could not see what was happening. They need better cameras. The movie is about an ancient time, yet they decided to have rock music in the soundtrack. The actors, even Kevin Sorbo, were subpar.

The plot and storyline is great. I really enjoyed that but the execution was poorly done. I would like to think that with a bigger budget, the makers of this movie could've done so much better. The special effects seem really tacky. The rock / heavy metal music is horrible. The actors need more classes and experience in acting.

I do not recommend this movie at all. The storyline is good but just hold out for a higher budget production of this movie.

Group Sex (2010) (V)
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Fun to Watch, 30 October 2010

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I picked this movie thinking it'd be good ol' raunchy comedy. I was disappointed that it wasn't raunchy but was still happy for it's fun.

This movie was well done. The ambiance was good enough. Lighting and sound was good, acting was good, and the plot was decent enough. The plot is as old as Jesus himself but was executed quite well. A guy sees a girl from across the room and falls in love. Now, you get to see how he tries to win her heart.

In this case, it's by attending her support group meetings for sex addiction. As the days go on, he learns more and more about her and wins the admiration of the other group members. Throughout, there are a few chuckles here and there but never a raunchy moment. And yes, in the end, he gets the girl.

I enjoyed this movie quite a bit and recommend it to both single people as well as people in relationships. Put down the game controller, bust out a pipe, and enjoy the show.

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Good Enough, 30 October 2010

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I decided to watch this movie on a day off from work, out of boredom. It sounded like a good movie from the description here on IMDb and with a title like "The Tortured", how bad could it be? This was a really well done movie. The lighting was terrific. Sound was great. And acting superb. The dark scenes were lit well enough so that the view doesn't need to change the contrast on their TV (I really dislike when horror movies make their scenes too dark and you can't see what is really happening). The music in this movie helped set up the scenes perfectly. The sound effects were good too. I don't know what it would sound like to cut open someone's stomach or to break their toes and stuff but it sure sounded real. Lastly, the three main characters did a fine job.

The plot, though not original, was great. It's psychologically intriguing. What would you do to someone who murdered your child. In this movie, the process by which the parents captured their child's murder was a little far fetched, but it was believable enough. The torture scenes were okay, though not too gory. The ending was also well done and quite believable...however, there is a small flaw.

If you're bored, as was I, then watch this movie. It was entertaining enough for me. Hopefully, nobody will ever have to endure what any of these characters had to endure.

The Ruins (2008)
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Something a Little Different, 30 October 2010

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I decided to watch this movie after reading its description. I thought it'd be about possession or spirits or at least an ancient tribe. It was, in a way, all of the above.

The ambiance of this movie was great. Lighting was well done so there weren't too many scenes that were too dark or too bright. I didn't pay attention to the music but I don't recall anything loud or obnoxious. The acting was as good as any low budget flick can get. All the characters were well played. I did get annoyed at some of the characters for getting over-emotional about their situation, so the actors / actresses did their job.

The plot is a new one for me. Like I said, I watched this movie expecting some sort of spirit(s) in the the ruins or a supernatural creature. It was both: something supernatural in the vines. There was sufficient character and plot development to keep your attention. However, I really do feel that the writers got bored at the end and decided to just end the movie. It seemed very abrupt. Maybe they ran out of good weed or possibly even ran out of film? If you're bored, this movie is definitely worth a watch. Don't expect too much and just enjoy it for what it is...a decent movie about vines.

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Laughable, 30 October 2010

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I decided to watch this on a chilly Friday night when I was bored. It has Darryl Hannah so it shouldn't be too bad.

This is another movie about stupid teens who go into the woods. This time, they're asked by their professor to discover the location of an Indian graveyard or something like that...all in exchange for a guaranteed passing grade. Too bad these kids aren't willing to earn their grades the old-fashioned way.

The acting, for the most part, is juvenile. These are actors in the infancy of their careers; and it would seem that their dreams are never going to surpass this flick. Darryl Hannah is the only real actress in this movie.

The atmosphere was well done. Lighting was great, although unrealistic (night scenes are very brightly lit...go fig). The music score was successful, for the most part, in setting the mood.

I would not recommend this movie. The ending sucks and is really predictable and I suck at predicting outcomes. Skip this movie.

Hidden (2009)
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Not as Good as It Should Be, 30 October 2010

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I decided to watch this movie because I thought it'd be a good horror thriller. From the description, I thought it would be a lot more than it turned out to be.

The ambiance was good. Lighting really set the mood, though there were way too many scenes that were too dark. Sound was also good, even during whisper scenes.

The plot was not solid, but I'm not even sure I understand the plot. It seems, there was a tragic accident when two boys were little. One boy escaped a horrible life and the other boy got into a horrible life. Basically, a switchoff. From there, it's all many questions about the logic of the movie; however, I will discount it as my failure to understand Norwegian culture. Perhaps, in Norway, they have a different philosophy about forgiveness or sympathy. I don't know.

In the end, this movie sucked. I think it had potential but seemed to just screw up over and over again. The ending was really bad and left me wondering, "what the hell?" Don't bother wasting your time on this one. I'm sure there's a at least one good group on WoW that you can run ICC-10 man with on WoW, but even if there isn't, it'd be less torture than this movie.

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