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a list of 7 titles
the best movies from the sexiest, most charsimatic, and the most talented actress
i hope she comes back soon
a list of 5 titles
movie scenes no one cant forget
a list of 9 people
the best directors with his best movies
a list of 24 characters
movie and tv characters i love
a list of 6 titles
the actors you see on your favorite movies werent the first choice to play the the roles they did
here are the most interesting cases
a list of 11 characters
a list of 4 titles
a list of 5 titles
sometimes the academy is wrong with oscar winners
here are some cases
a list of 14 titles
this list goes by year order
a list of 17 characters
my favoriite female characters in movies and tv
a list of 5 titles
a list of 12 titles
the songs i like the most from a movie
some movies have more than just 1 song that i love
a list of 10 people
a list of 17 characters
a list of 25 titles
this list was made by the AFI in 2006 so there are so many movies of this list that i havent seen yet.
if your favorite musicall is here
it means is a really good movie
this list was made by A jury of over 500 film artists, composers, musicians, critics and historians
a list of 4 characters
normalmente yo hago mis listas en ingles pero como aqui van a haber algunos personajes de telenovleas pues decidi hacerla en español en esta lista estan las cazafortunas mas famosas del cine y la tv
a list of 7 titles
my predictions are based on the other nominations lists
like the golden gloves, critics choice awards and SAG
a list of 8 people
this are actresses who can really sing
all of them did an amazing job in a musicall
a list of 10 titles
my favorite male actor deserves his own list
he can be a villian, a hero, a victim
you belive him in every character he does
a list of 10 titles
my 10 favorite romantic comedies
no specific order
a list of 4 people
three actresses i want to see them one day in period drama as a famous Queen examples: victoria, elizabeth, Ann Boleyn or maybe something like the dutchess(the keira knighly movie) or another dangerous lisasions
a list of 5 people
all this actrees are really talented,beautufull sexy charismatic and have a great personality
but they have a problem their agent.
they need someone who helps them to get the better roles in mainstream movies.
a list of 5 titles
really good movies that just a few people knew about them because didnt have the buzz they deserved an a very limited realase.
a list of 5 characters
here are the best and worst presidents in movies and tv series

does anyone know the name of the of the evil female president from prison break??
i wanted to add her as one of worst presidents but i forgot her character´s name
a list of 62 titles
year-by year
from 1978-2010)
a list of 5 images
my favorite winning speachess of all time from the oscars and golden gloves
a list of 5 people
a list of 4 titles
here are my predictions for for the Oscars 2011 winners
in the most important categories
a list of 11 titles
i love musicalls
here are my all time favorite musicals iv seen
a list of 10 people
i think i wont get tierd of stories abut this family they were so interesting specially Ann Boleyn, Henry VIII, Catherine and Ann´s daugther Elizabeth. so as you can imagine i loved the movie the other Boleynn girl and the tv series the tudors.

here is my perfect cast if they make another movie about them
a list of 25 titles
a list of 12 people
i made one in spanish and now here is another in english
a list of 13 people
actresess and actors who are oscar nominies and/or winners that i agree with
this list is not in order
a list of 10 images
the best dressed at the 2011 golden gloves, sag, grammys and oscars
a list of 16 characters
a list of 4 people
very talented actresess who doesnt have the credit they deserve
a list of 6 people
oscar winners who created a lot of controversy when they won
a list of 3 people
why all this people had to end this way with their acting / music careers?????????? all this casess really furstrates me
a list of 10 people
the actresses and singers i like to see the most when there are red carpet events
a list of 10 images
a list of 6 images
Like i said before she doesnt dress to look sexy or good
For her the red carpet its another way to make a show
a list of 6 images
i felt really disapointed after i finished thsi list because i didnt find as many pictures as i wanted.
but anyway here her best Red Carpet moments
a list of 10 images
a list of 5 images
a list of 16 images
this is more like a gallery with antonio banderas and his beautyfull female Co stars
who is your favorite?
And if i forgot one tell me who
All your commnts are welcome
a list of 5 people
some actors and actresess turn down very interesting roles and that is a terrible mistake. so thats why i called this list what they were thinking?????? so if you know an actor who did something like this please tell me on the coments section
a list of 14 people
if Christpoher Nolan chooses catwoman as the new villian for his next batman movie
they are my favoritre actresses to play this character
a list of 14 images
who do you like more In Gral
looks personality, talent movies
here on this Gallerie
im going to put the best of each one
many of you maybe you re going to think im crazy
what do they have in commun??????

Both are really exotic beauties , made action movies, at the begining of 2009 both were going to make a movie about cloepatra( only Angies project advanced) both are oscar wiiners in a supporting role

the comparissons are this way
who is more beautiful
who gave the best performance as an oscar winner in a supporting role role
who gave a better preformance as a dramatic actress
whoi is better as an action star
who was a better Co-star for ANtonio Banderas
who did the best Rom-com/ drama

My vote is for Cathrine zeta jones
but i wont get angry if at the end you vote goes for angelina joliey
a list of 4 people
Traffic had one of the greates casts in movies everyone did an amazing job
these are the actors who i think were the best
a list of 21 people
the performancess i liked the most by an actor or an actress in movie history
a list of 6 people
Martin Scorsese is one of the best hollywood directors and he is a career maker for actresses and actors when they have a big role in any of his movies
sharon stone was Nominated for an oscar when she worcked with him in casino.

Cate Blanchet won her oscar when she worcked with him in the aviator.

Robert D Niro was nominated for his role in cape fear another movie directed by Scorsese

All the actresses on this list are goregeous and very talented some of them Need to get their Big break and some of them well i cant wait to see them having a huge comeback

this guy makes magic for his actors and actresses.
a list of 11 titles
everybody loves disney movies
some people are more into the oldies and some people like the new ones
I like the Classics.
a list of 7 people
well we already have the live action versions of "101 dalmations",Peter Pan, Alice in wonderland
there are two snow white movies in development so i wouldnt be surprised if one day someone decides to make Aladin witch i think it would be a great idea if they make it Right they right way

so here is my cast
a list of 5 titles
le puse este nombre a la lista por muchas quejas que tienen las peliculas de amor y las comedias Romanticas muy pocas veces encontramos propuestas diferentes e interesantes estas son mis sugerencias para los que buscan algo diferente en estos 2 generos
a list of 5 titles
amazing performancess that will be remebered forever
a list of 5 people
everyone has actors and actresess that can make you watch a movie juts because of them here are mine
a list of 10 people
Glee is one of my favorite tv shows here are the movie stars id love to see singing and dancing in a Glee Episode or maybe more than just one episode
a list of 11 people
i loved sharon stone as A.D.A Jo Marlow on Law and Order SVU this is list of other actresess who can play an A.D.A in any of the Law and Order shows
a list of 12 titles
im shure there is nothing worse when a girl invites his boyfriend to watch a movie at home and she makes him watch A)sex and the city,Any musicall or the typicall Chick Flick Right??????
for us girls watch a movie like Kill Bill, and any other movie weher there is too much blood in every single scene.

Here i sugestt some great movies you can watch with your Boyfriend, girlfriend or in a mixed group of friends. and everyone will enojoy it.

i think another good name for this could be Neutral Movies
a list of 5 people
the talk show hosts i like the most this list is based on how much i like their interviews with my favorite actors actresses and singers
a list of 6 characters
im a huge Tudors fan so if i had the chance to cast the 6 wifes of Henry Vlll this would be my ideal cast
a list of 10 images
My favorite performancess as Queen or King in a movie, tv movie or tv series
a list of 12 people
ok first i want to say to all of you who will see this list
i tried not to make a bad list but the temptation was too much to handle
so here are all celebrities i really dislike
a list of 11 titles
a list of 6 titles
a list of 5 titles
she is not the best actress but i love her Romantic Comedies here are my faveorites
a list of 7 people
they are the most talented young actresses
a list of 25 people
the 25 sexiest Action heroes according To Eentretainment televsion
From 25th to the 1st
a list of 10 people
some of them are not so great actors or actresses and some of them are Both fantastic actorsor actresess and dancers
a list of 25 people
25 sexiest Blonds according to E entretainment television
a list of 25 people
25 E entretainment´s sexiest european stars
a list of 10 people
RobertstephenR thanks for giving me the inspiration to make this list
i saw yours and it was very gooe so now im making my own list
a list of 22 people
hey everyone here i am with another E entretainment list
this time its about the 25 sexiest pop stars.
a list of 14 people
the most famous catherines in pop culture
this list includes:Cate katies. etc...
Who is Your Favorite??????????
a list of 10 characters
my favorite tudors characters based on the the series the tudors and the movies elizabteh and elizabeth the golden age
a list of 13 people
hey Imdb users im back and this time E entretainment made a very original and interesting list
25 sexeist body parts so this time the order of this list doesnt matter
a list of 25 people
hey people another list From E entretainment televison
this time the 25 sexiest Voluptuous vixens
a list of 21 images
being sexy and being beautiful its not the same. here are all the movie stars who i think are sexy
ther are some stars on my list who are both sexy and beautiful
a list of 7 people
the story of Henry VIII with Anne Boleyn has been done like a Thousand times in movies and TV
Witch of these Actresess Played the best Anne Boleyn????
a list of 5 people
Like them or Not Julia Roberts and Sandra Bullock are the Queens of Romantic Comedies.

Who will replace them in the future?????????
a list of 6 images
The best dressed at cannes film festival 2011
a list of 13 images
actresess singers and models if i forgot one please tell me
a list of 3 characters
its really funny how three of the most important and iconic Queens of England who name is/was Elizabeth
im far away from england but i still have great respect for them

Did you Know??????
Elena Bonham Carter will share for second time a Role with actrees Natalie Dormer
Elena Bonham Carter PLayed Anne Boleyn in the tv movie Henry VIII
Natlie Dormer PLayed in Anne Boleyn in the tv series the Tudors
Elena Bonham Carter played Elizabeth Bows Lyons in the movie the Kings Speech
Natalie dormer will play Elizabteh Bows Lyons in the up coming movie W.E.
Another Coincidence Anne Boleyn and Elizabeth Bows Lyons became a queen because they got married with King.
a list of 4 people
the actors and actresess who gave an amazing performance as a stalker
a list of 9 titles
so remakes is the new movie trend right????????
so here some ideas for new remakes with their new cast
a list of 4 titles
sometimes you go to see a movie with so low expectations that some of them become your favorite ones and some not so favorite but at least they were much better than you Thought they would be
a list of 6 titles
i laughed so hard with this comedies saldy all these comedies are only for adults in my opinion thsese movies are ok to watch them since the age of 15 yeard old
a list of 5 images
here you will see that gorgeous actress+ handsome actor doesnt always=great chemestry
a list of 24 people
hey im back with my E entretainmnet lists
a list of 12 people
Dave is my favorite late show host i really love his interviews with all his guests but i have my favorite here they are
a list of 7 titles
some times when i listen to Music there is always a song that reminds me a movie here are some cases
a list of 12 people
the most beautiful actresses with a very unique look
they all have something speciall that not every beautiful actress has
a list of 4 characters
lets admitt it girls we love this type of characters: the pretty leading lady who at the begining seems to only care about fashion, make up, Being popular and having a handsome
boyfriend but latter we discover that they are not exactly that way.
a list of 11 images
My tribute to one of my favorite Movie/tv action Heroes and all his Girl friends
i will need your help with this gallery i want to add all men who have played zorro and all his girlfriends
so if there is one i forgot or i dont knwo plese tell on the coments section
a list of 9 titles
movies that mix comedy action romance and sometimes drama the
1&2 i loved them
3-7 i liked them
8 its terrible dont waste your time on this one
a list of 15 titles
a list of 6 titles
this list will be updated every time i watch a new movie that i loved
a list of 15 titles
the movies that made some actros and actresess huge stars if it wasnt for these movies maybe they would never got their big break

P.S. i hope to add soon on this list Natalie Dormer, Diane Kruger and Kate Beckingsale yes they are famous but not like the actors and actreses witch are on this list
a list of 5 titles
the 5 movies liked the most with julia Roberts
a list of 10 titles
these movies are not oscar worthy but you will ahev great watching them in this list you will find: action,comedy drama,and few thrillers
the best part of this pop corn flicks is
all this movies are before the CGI invation.
latley most of summer movies are big efectts CGI and thinks like it
a list of 25 people
This is not my list
these are the 25 sexiest Red carpet divas according to
E entretainment television

Finally i Fixed this list so this is the true order
a list of 25 images
The sexiest celebrity couples according to E entretainmnet television
dont pay atention to the order
its a mess when ill find the list again on tv i will fix this
a list of 11 titles
CZJ one of the most beautyfull, talented, sexy and likeable actresses
here are her best movies in my opinion
a list of 22 images
Here are the Most Beautiful Actresess Aroud the world One or maybe two Actressess each Country.
a list of 4 people
i think everyone knows thta angelina will be Cleopatra in the new movie directed by david fincher, but i didnt like his Choice. so these are actresess who should have been casted as Cleopatra in my opinion
a list of 15 images
David Guehtta inspired me to make this list with his great and very catchy song sexy B........ this is a list about the sexiest bad girls on screen
if you have suggestions please writte them on the commentts section
a list of 25 images
this list goes from the 25th place to the first
a list of 5 titles
I expected so much from these movies but at the end were not so great
a list of 7 titles
if you havent Noticeed Hollywood has 3 main Novels or Bases for all their movies.

Alice in Wonderland By Lewis Carroll witch talks about paralell worlds, dimensiosn and dreams.

Romeo and Juliet By William shakespare witch talks about a forbidden love with a tragic ending.

Cinderella By Charles Perraultt witch talks about, dreams come true, envy and Finding the prince charming.

i will make 3 Lists with movies based on these very classic and popular novells I will start with Alice in wonderland
a list of 6 titles
a list of 7 titles
the best dance movies including a few musicalls
these are my reall favorites so the the list will be short
a list of 25 images
a list of 7 titles
Romeo and Juliet is one of the most Romantic and Popular Novells and has inspired so many producers and directors to make their own Romantic and sometimes very traggic movies
a list of 11 titles
movies witch i think they are really amazing visually some of this movies i love them for many other things too.
a list of 5 images
the best movie Kisses in my opinion from Modern Hollywood
a list of 5 people
I think all of you Know tham im not really into young Actresess.
I find most of them Boring.
yes they are Hot but Thats it.

But hey i there a very Few exceptions of Five young Actresess i that i Think they are Stunning
a list of 25 people
the 25th sexiest woman of the world Acording To E
a list of 7 people
some of the movies i liked From my favorite actors and actresess before they made it Big in Hollywood
a list of 48 images
Here are the most stylish transformations according to E entretainmnet television
a list of 25 people
E sexiest Celebrity brunettes according to E entretainment television
a list of 8 people
These gorgeous actreses are the prove that woman can be sexy and classy at the same time
a list of 11 titles
If you the don't like the story of these movies or tv shows At least can enjoy them for the beautiful costumes
a list of 4 titles
Slits of movies I disagree with the their MPAA Rating.
a list of 12 images
they were just supoused to be the suppporting actor/actress but at the end they got all the atention
a list of 15 images
Iwth the relese of the new movie The three Musketeers i decided to make a Gallery with the most beautiful heroines and and anti Heroines in action adventure movies So if forgot one please tell me on the comments section
a list of 4 characters
If I was her agent this are the type of roles I would be looking for her
a list of 8 images
the oscar moments i remebered and liked the most including: live performances, an emotional wining moment and the moments i was exitted just because my favorite movie or actress was nominated
a list of 7 characters
Catherine Is my favorite actress and here are some roles I'd love to see her playing soon.
a list of 6 people
Don't get wrong I'm very happy with both choices for the Evil queens for for both snow white movies.
this list is just for fun, something like if Charlize wouldn't have being able to play this role I'd cast .......
a list of 6 people
I've read so many coments about how unhappy people are with Kristen Stewart and Lilly Collins as snow white So here are my options
a list of 12 characters
the characters i Thought were the most interesting from one of my favorite tv series: the tudors
a list of 7 people
I'm tierd of telling people that the actresess I'll mention are my favorites and they look at me like I live in the past or that I'm so out of fashion when it comes to movie

Actually one of my friends told me that I'm like Owen Wilson in Midnight in Paris Which is not tottaly Truth
I like more the stars from the 90s yes but I like the 00s I love my gadgets I have thanks to the great technology.
a list of 64 images
The idea is simple a comparison between the beauties or hotties from the 90s vs The 00s.

I will separate them in actresess and actors, singers, models and celebrities with no talent.
a list of 8 people
sometimes Charisma is more important than talent
if someone has Both its even Better
if you analize
Brad Pitt, George Clooney and Johnny Depp´s performancess you will se they are not great actors(not terrible but not amazing either).
people love them so much becuase of their Charisma and Screen Presence
i mean Sean Penn is a better actor but he is not as charismatic as Brad, George and Jhonny Depp
a list of 98 images
The hottest woman of all time Acording to Men's health magazine I agree with so many of them but there are other who are pretty but im not shure if they would be in my own list If I don't agree i put the name of celebrity I'd choose instead of herv
a list of 6 titles
The movies I liked the most in 2011.
If you ask how was this year when it comes to movies I'd say it was just ok, nothing great.
But still there were some movies that liked

Note promising movies for this years oscars are haven't come out in Mexico.
So that's why these are not on my list
a list of 5 people
The award season starts oficially this Sunday and so all the red Carpets. Don't blame me I'm a girl, I love to watch the red carpet. So here is my list with the stars i want to see the most. This year
a list of 81 images
Let's forget about FHM, Men's Health and all the magazines which makes their 100 hottest woman.
These will be a list made by all of the imdb community

How I made this list ?
I went to see many random hottest woman lists and took the top three of each list.
So this is a list made by all the people who uses imdb

Note if i see a name I already adedd I just add the other two

I can't believe I have no more suggestions by now, so I will keep doing it with celebrities I see the most in these type of lists.

But all of you can still help and suggest anyone you like and I will add them
a list of 17 images
I don't know what it is but period pieces make all actresess look stunning and very sexy.

Here is a very nice gallery of many actresess that period pieces costumes fits them perfectly like they were born for that type of roles
catswitts, mini skirts and waring designer clothes makes them look great too.
But there is nothing nicer than a period dress with a corssette or grecian costumes
a list of 6 images
First I have to say how sad and disapointed I am for not seeing Catherine Zeta Jones on the red carpet this year, I really missed her.
But there were other gorgeous actresess that night and the show most go on
So here are my Best dressed of the 2012 golden globes.
a list of 5 images
Brangelina is the most famous A list couple but this because there is no other A list couple like them Right now.
What makes them so atractive togather
1 both are sex symbols
2 both are considered real movie stars with talent.
3 they got togather in a movie set and that chemistry drove people crazy when they knew that the hot couple were not acting
It was like the perfect couple was real.
So now I made an hypothetically list of movie couples that if they had been togather in real could have compited with Brangelina.
a list of 12 images
Amazing performances that were not nominatted for an Oscar or are not very well known or popular
a list of 2 images
Beautiful female characters who caused a revolution, a war( sadly) or changed the fate of a country.

So people help me here I only know two, but I found this an ineterstiing theme for a list.
a list of 5 images
The sags are one of the worst awards of the season when it comes to the fashion.
With this and last year I came to the conclusion that the SAG and Grammys are worst for the fashion on the red carpet.
But anyway every red carpet of this award season deserves to have the best dresessed list
So here are mine
a list of 10 images
Esta lista lista decidí hacerla en español porque en no encontré la forma de traducirla al ingles.

Aquí están las 10 actrices con mas porte.

Que es el porte ? es algo en la personalidad de ellas que las hace verse impactantes en cualquier vestido, y que las hace lucir totalmente espectacular en las alfombras rojas, el porte es como ser sexy o lo tienen o no así de sencillo.
Aquí hay 10 actrices que definitivamente tienen eso que las distingue de las demás cuando están en una alfombra roja de cualquier evento
a list of 5 images
Estas actrices por mas que intentan lucirse en las alfombras rojas por mas bonitos vestidos que traigan y que les queden bien. No mas no fueron beneficiadas con el porte, siempre se ven muy forzadas y Posadas
a list of 19 images
The mos popular and sexiest stars of the 2000s.

Some of my favorites are here but there are some others that I know are considered sexy or are extremley popular with so many people but I don't like at all
a list of 18 images
Here are the sexiest and most popular celebrities of the 90s Movie Stars , models, and music stars . Some of them are sitill very sexy so I'm warning you that they will appear again in my 00s list
a list of 9 people
actors and actresess who arent so great in my opinion
but a lot of people seem to love them
a list of 33 people
Here are all the other female celebrities who I think are gorgoeus but didn't make the top 10

Not specific Order
a list of 23 images
The award season finished last Night with the Oscars. Here are my best dressed of the award season 2012
a list of 8 characters
the actresess id cast as the female lead in a live action disney character
a list of 9 characters
After Glenn Close did such a great job with Cruella De vill Julia and Charlize will play the evil i decided to make a list with actresess who could a great disney Villian
a list of 15 images
these are my reazons why penelope cruz is one of my red carpet divas
a list of 4 people
These three actresess are my number 1 it's just that I have 1 favorite for each generation
a list of 10 titles
the actresses who gave best performancess in a movie
a list of 22 people
los actores y actrices que mas se parecen
hay unos que se parecen tanto que podrian parecer gemelos
a list of 23 images
Actors actresess, singers and models Here the people in entretainment industry who really look alike
a list of 6 people
Actors I could see as Raphael Danceny in future Adaptations or Remakes od Daangerous Liaisons.

For the ones who don't remember Danceny.
He is the one who has a secret romance with Cecile but also is a good friend of Merteuil.
a list of 38 images
More than a list this is a poll with actresess and two diferent looks.
a list of 25 images
actresess, models and some singers
a list of 6 people
Here is a list of most beautiful actresess from the old days. What's the diferent between mine and all the others of this type I'll write who I think should play them if there was a biopic about them
a list of 20 images
First i have to say this not exactly a list.
This more a gallery of Modern actress that look like some actresses from the old Hollywood.

Here is the dynamic of this gallery
One actress of the golden age and then a few modern actresess who like her

Like always all your comments and suggestionsb are well received
a list of 20 images
Like every single year People Magazine made the list of most beautiful woman in Show biz. Of course I 90% disagree with the list so I decided to include my Own List. So this is how it works It's gonna be one and one First people magazine's choice as the number 1 then you you'll see who would have been my number one etc...
a list of 6 people
Stunning woman of the small screen who aren't very well known by most people.
a list of 7 images
The best dressed at Cannes film festival 2012 till now
a list of 8 titles
some of the best romantic stories are when there is love triangle two man fighting for the love of a woman or two woman fighting for the love of a guy here are some of the best
a list of 5 titles
after watching Quills geoffrey Rush became my favorite actor. I loved him since I watched Elizabeth but Quills me him go up from number 5 to number 1. Here is my top 5 performances by him
a list of 11 images
the sexiest scenes in movie history so if you think i forgot one please tell me
a list of 21 characters
If I was a casting director These would be my choices for Tudors movie or series
a list of 8 people
Actors and Actresess That Period dramas Fitt them so well and they should be in this kind of movies more often They are really good in modern stories too But period pieces are the best for them
a list of 12 images
Here are my favorite hair styles in movies and tv series Some because of originality, some because make the stars look hot and some because of both things.
a list of 8 characters
After I did my Tudors dream cast list I thought about making one about the Borgias but i wasn't shure because till now I have only seen season one and I don't remember as many characters as I do about the Tudors.

But hey deserve their own list and I can always update this list while advance with the Next seasons.

Please be patient i don't advance with the tv i always wait for the DVDs so when everyone finished season two I just finished a few months ago season and wont watch season two till it comes out on DVD.
a list of 6 people
With the whole Olympic spirit we are in right now I decided to make a list of my favorite athletes
a list of 6 characters
The characters I've liked the most from the Pirates of the Caribbean Franchise
a list of 6 people
Now that the the fifth installment has been announced. Barbosa( Geoffrey Rush) became an Ally and Blackbeard is death( in the movie only Obiously). This franchise needs a new Villian so here are some ideas of actors who could play the next Villian.
a list of 25 people
a list of 54 images
Here are female celebrities who I think are the most elegant, classy and very stylish.
a list of 8 titles
Hey everyone here are the trivia facts that I've found the most ineteresting about diferent movies.

I hope you'll find them interesting as well

My source is the Imdb trivia section in every film.
a list of 20 images
Hey everyone here im bringing you a list made by people Magazine of the best dressed in 2012. I will also put my own here. First it will be People's first place then my first place, people's second place my second place etc.
a list of 18 images
Here are my all time favorite movie characters All Sugesttions are welcome.
Ohhh and there isn't a specific order.

Congratulations to all the actors who played this characters , they all gave amazing performancess and that's one of the reasons why these characters were so great.
a list of 9 titles
There are many great films which are not for everyone. Most of the times it's because of violence or sex. So here are the best movies for people with an open mind.
a list of 16 people
Young stars can be very pretty and sexy but they lack of personality.
Young stars Try to be sexy and some of them succsed but its not the same
ohh yes Mature from Actors/Actresess in their Mid 30s to 50s
Not specific order
a list of 5 people
If you love, hate or both some of actors of this list.. Well now you know who to thank for them or blame.
a list of 19 titles
no one cant miss these movies
a list of 10 titles
amazing actors who gave a great performance and will be remembered forever
a list of 6 titles
The I've liked the most this year
a list of 7 titles
My favorite movies directed or produced by Steven Spielberg.
a list of 10 titles
My favorite movies to watch with your friends.
a list of 10 titles
It's funny how I've made thousands of list but never did my top 10 favorite movie in gral. Anyway here it is.
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Chick flicks which have been Oscar nominated in important categories.

This list is not in any specific order
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The woman who looked gorgeous at this year's golden Globes
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Movies and tv series which show us couples in a very intense and a little toxic Relationships.

Thanks to lady Gaga and her song with the same name of my list for inspiring me to make this list.

When I hear that song these on screen couples come to my mind
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What makes me pick these actresess as my favorites
Talent they have to be belivable in the characters they play.

Looks with looks I'm not talking only about being beautiful, it can be a look that makes stand out from other actresses

Screen prescence or Personality. They can make you interested to watch a movie just because of them.

Voice it may look ridiculous but the voice it's really important.
It has to be strong commanding distinctive and with and can make diiferent tones.
flat voices make actors look boring.
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Ralph Fiennes is one of the best living actors and here are my favorite performances by him
a list of 7 titles
Best Picture winners that i agree with
a list of 11 titles
my favorite Movies about the most important Kings and Queens around world
a list of 18 titles
i love period dramas and here are my favorite movies and tv series set in a diferent time
a list of 13 images
some actors Look at their best in Period dramas here are some examples Hope you like this gallery Girls
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Here is a list of the 100 best romantic films made by timeout magazine.

I know I've made many lists of romantic films but I think this one is a very interesting because all voters are different and there is a lot of variety .

All these voters include journalists, film critics, writers, actors, film makers and film industry insiders.

So you can see it was well done and if you check the which ill give you the link you can see more details like who were the specific people who voted and many other special features like checking how many of films on the list you have seen.

Sadly my result was just 15/100
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Actors and actresses I'd cast as a couple in different romantic films.
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I just saw two screen adaptations of the classic novel Wuthering heights.
My favorite was the 1992 version but if Hollywood decided to make a 14th adaptation my cast would be this way.

Note I think Ralph Fiennes was a perfect Heathcliff he truly became the character so my choice for this character will be based on who I think could be the Closest to Ralph's portrayal
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actors and actreses with the sexiest voices
not particular order
a list of 16 titles
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I've always thought that the most attractive actors are the ones from the UK Ireland and Australia. Here are some at the top of my head
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Hey everyone. After watching so many lists, I saw one that I loved and it was very apropriatte for all this awards season. So I decided to make mine.

I Hope you like it and there is no specific order.
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Some of the best romances of the big screen are set in war times here the most famous.
I haven't seen Casablanca and Gone with the wind but I knew I had to add them because both are considered classics.

I hope all you can help and suggest me the ones I' didn't include.
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When I first made this list the title was great actors that we forget how hot they are.
I decided to change it because I realized that the title was wrong.
We don't forget about their great looks its just that when we think about the actors on this list we first think of them as great actors and then we talk about their great looks or how sexy they are.
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Yes here I decided to change the tittle as well because again we don't forget about their talent it's just that our first thoughts on them are they are gorgeous.
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NOT SPECIFIC ORDER except for the number 1
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sometimes we see an actor/Actress sexy because of the Character they are playing.
and sometimes its both actor/Actress is sexy and their characters too
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If there was another adapation or Remake of dangerous Liaisons these are the Actors I could see as Valmont
a list of 6 people
Here are the actresess I'd cast to play Merteuil in future adapations or remakes of DL
a list of 12 people
Here is my third part of these lists Here are the actresess I could see them playing Madamme De Tuorvell.
a list of 8 people
Actresess I'd cast for another dangerous Liaisons remake or modern adaptation like Cruel intentions
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Hey everyone People magazine came with the list of the sexiest man alive.
So if you are too lazy to check their own page here I'm bringing the list to you

I found this list the perfect excuse to make mine. So you will see 24 sexiest man alive
the the first 12 picks are from people magazine and then my 12 choices.
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Nothing like a great comedy to make us feel better when we are sad or not in our best mood.

Here is my top 10 of this genre.

You will see most of them are romantic comedies but when the funny parts it's not forced its my favorite kind of humor.
a list of 22 titles
the movie i loved the most of each year .

there will be some years without a movie of the year so im gonna need your help here.
lets say.. i dont have a movie for 2004 on the coments section you can remind me of some great movies of 2004 and the i will add my favorite movie of 2004
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I guess most of you saw the link to vote for your top 10 Romantic films of all time. Well votes have been closed and the final results are here
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Young actors and actresses who look like very promising movie stars.

With a few exceptions you will notice how the ladies are younger that's because I can't see much talent in actors in actors like Zac Efron or Taylor Lautner.

I just added their veteran equivalent
a list of 10 titles
I already did my list for my favorite dramatic romances.

now here are my favorite romantic comedies which are perfect for the moments when your are looking for a romantic film but a romantic drama like the notebook would be too depressing.
a list of 10 titles
You may find some of my choices cheesy or too tamed.

but with time I've realized that the sexiest films are the ones which make the hot scenes leaving things to our imagination.

sometimes when they show everything it looks grotesque and tasteless instead of hot.
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ok so i made my list with my red carpet divas now its time show you with pcitures why i included everyone on that list
and catherine is the first with all her best pictures on the red carpet
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Actors who seem to be the best kissers according to the films I've seen them in
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A list of the movie stars who always or at least most of the times look impeccable on every public appearance they make.

They could pass as Royalty since they look gorgeous without looking cheap.

Note many of these dresses is something that I could see Kate Middleton wearing or Diana when she was young.
a list of 6 characters
Many films make us believe that the bad guys or the super intense guys are always the fun and exciting choice meanwhile the good guy is the safe and boring choice.

here some proves that a good guy it's not the equal to boring.
a list of 4 images
Mostly Actresess
but if someone here knows about a singer or model that Forgot tell me and i´ll add her
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Here a list of actors and actresses who I find sexy, beautiful / or handsome and talented.

Not specific order
a list of 13 titles
Here are my favorite films about real life characters.

My first title was favorite Biopics but I guess I can't call some of these movies that way if almost 90% of it is historically Inacurate or don't cover the life our main character as it should.
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The male characters on screen that make me say I want a guy like him.

OfCourse all the actors who played them are super hot and probably that's one of the reasons that make me love them.
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Here is a list of books which a had very successful transitions from the novel to the screen, weather is commercially, with critics or both.

Like the way I've made my high quality romances list I followed the same idea which Is being as objective as possible, some favorites will appear but won't appear because they are my favorites.

The order is by the year film or the first of the series was released in Cases like Harry potter or lord of the rings. All suggestions are accepted.

Book readers I'm gonna need all your help
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Sometimes the sexiest scenes don't have to be super graphic love scenes to be hot.

i have nothing against them I just wanted to point out sexy scenes which are not so graphic
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The most famous, popular or well received romances based on a novel.

Some are just loosely based and some are what we call a book adaptation which try to get as close as possible to the novel.

Non specific order
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These are the actors who make me go crazy and say I want someone like them

the most handsome, sexiest and attractive actors in my opinion and their films which made love them
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the movie and tv couples with the best chemestry

I decided to change the tone of this list and add all types of great chemistry between two leads, so this isn't anymore an exclusive romantic couples list.

I will make a romantic couples list latter but this is one is for all type of movie and tv couples.

Not specific order.
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Ok I had a hard time coming with the tittle of this list which is the opposite of Acting chameleons.

I first was going to name it My Favorite Charismatic Actors but no because many of my actors of the other list are ver charismatic as well.

The second tittle I had in mind my favorites at playing themselves but it wasn't a good idea since some other Fans could have taken this the wrong way.

Anyway this is a list of actors and actresses who I really enjoy watching on screen even tough they don't completely disappear in the characters they play.

Those actors and actresses rely more on their charisma, presence, personality and natural charm to make the audience and critics love them.
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I have two types of favorite actors the chameleons and the charismatic cool style.

The chameleons are the ones who truly disappear in the character they are playing, they make you forget that you are watching an actor. Most of them are Method actors

Here my favorites
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Here is a list of my favorite romantic couples of the big and small screen.

Those couples that i want to see them together at the end, sometimes i get that results others don't but in all those I felt they belong together

What's the difference between this and my favorite couples? well this one is exclusive for couples who had a romantic relationship on screen meanwhile the other list have all types of couples.
a list of 12 titles
Romantic films feel more passionate and strong when we see them In a dramatic film.

Romantic comedies are very cute and there are so many that I've enjoyed but they don't feel that intense

Here are the best romantic dramas in my opinion.
a list of 28 images
Years ago I created one but I just decided to delete it and make it again.
this time with pictures I like of the movies I loved and second because I wanted it to be on the proper section of IMDB.
a list of 25 titles
Here all the other romantic films I've liked very much but didn't make my top 10

Non specific order in this list