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This is my opinion. I am only saying this because there are movies I guarantee a lot of people hate, that are on this list. Feel free to comment, but please no stupid comments.

It's in no particular order, btw...

This list is incomplete for reasons: One - As I watch more movies, they have the possibility of ending up on this list. Two - I haven't watched a lot of the classics yet. Three - I might have forgotten some.

I just realized that I have a lot of favorite movies...
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This is my fan cast for Hamlet, if they were to make another one. If you have any suggestions, I'd like to see them! If you have any criticisms, present them constructively. If you would like me to explain why I chose a particular actor for a role, I would not mind. Otherwise, enjoy this list!
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Please - Any suggestions would greatly help! I will be constantly editing this!

Basically, this list is the suspicious deaths of Hollywood (and possibly beyond).

Also, this list is all my opinion, so I would prefer not to see comments denouncing me - I would be glad to explain to you why I hold these beliefs. However, I will not add descriptions to these actors - I'll only explain if you ask.
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Exactly what the title says. This list is in no particular order. If you notice some absences, it's probably because I have not seen them in any movies or in their greatest performances (i.e. Emile Hirsch). But it could also be I have a terrible memory, or I don't agree with you. Comment on omissions or just on the list. I might add on to this list as I watch more movies.