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To be submitted into the Internet Film Club top film list.
The first 100 are in order but the rest I didnt feel like messing with. sorry :)
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Here is what I could pile together
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A favorite list strictly held to animated films.
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A favorite/top film list specifically aimed at the Science Fiction genre.
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In order.... sort of.
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A genre/favorite list or rather sub-genre list of films containing surreal elements. Things that are so far gone and titter over the edge of absurdity. These films are ones not to be reviewed but to just be admired and experienced.
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Silent cinema is just as vital today as film was in its infancy. Some of the greatest films ever created were made during the Silent era and it is one that should never be overlooked.
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No particular order and I am still currently adding to the list. Suggestions please???
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In my opinion and many others, Korea is leading the pack in today's age of cinema. They consistently keep producing great film after great film with very few misses unlike most other countries of the world today.
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Like Horror; Comedy is a genre of film that gets very little recognition with awards, merits, or critical acclaim. Here is my appreciation for those few comical masterpieces than mean the most to me.
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Just a few of my favorite films and the list keeps growing. All of these films I rate 10/10, they are the only ones out of the 1900 or so films i have seen.