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Fun if you like this sort of thing, 13 November 2005

"Ellie Parker" is the sort of movie that you wish you could have made in college. It's funny, somewhat different, and has a beautiful leading lady, that of which goes by the name of Naomi Watts in this case. It also has an incredibly low budget.

As a matter of fact, it looks as though it could have been a college student's project. An hour and a half showcasing Naomi Watt's fantastic amount of talent as Ellie Parker: A struggling actress jumping from audition to audition with the hope of landing a part in anything she can get. Her loser boyfriend is no help, neither is her agent, and as the days go by, she loses more and more hope.

Whether she's cruising down Sunset Strip to her next audition, or yelling into her cellular flying down the 101, there is a part of us throughout the entire movie that wants to know what is going to happen to Ellie next. She's lovable. She's talented. She's been through more than we (the audience) can begin to understand. But most importantly, she's determined.

If you adore Watts as much as this reviewer does and you want to see her in something realistic (as close as it gets), check out "Ellie Parker". You won't get to see her like this in "King Kong." That's for sure.

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IT WAS AWESOME, 1 December 2003

As far as things in 2003 go, this was the smartest thing in Hollywood I've seen happen all year. This came at a perfect time in her career and was just brilliant. I love Nicole Kidman as it is, and seeing this tonight was magnificent and a real treat to see my favorite actress (in the whole wide world) honored.

Wrong Turn (2003/I)
I loved this movie, 31 May 2003

I went into this movie not expecting anything at all, the only reason I wanted to see it was because of the hype surrounding it. Well, yesterday I went into the theater, the lights went down and the movie started at an incredibly fast pace. The very first scene reminded me in a way of those 70's horror flicks. Once the opening titles started to role, I knew I was in for one hell of a movie.

Sure, the movie DOES star Eliza "Bring It On" Dushku, but there is nothing mushy, innocent, or heartfelt about her role in the film. She really busted her ass for some of the scenes in this movie, so much respect goes to her for that.

The rest of the cast was great, some of them which dont last very long, which was another thing that surprised me. I telegraphed who would live and who would die when I first saw everyone together for the first time, and boy was I wrong, very wrong.

As for the gore and violence factor in this movie, it was perfect for any horror fan, or someone who's just looking for a few shocks and awes. There are some great sequences in the movie, such as the scene in the trees, the finale, among others. I was very impressed by every scene in this movie.

As I walked out of the theater, the first thing that ran through my mind is the same thing that always runs through my mind whenever I like a movie " I want to see this again!" And " This movie is going to melt in my DVD player" I really, really, liked this movie. It was fast, incredibly entertaining, and well done movie.