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An unusual story most skillfully handled, 6 August 2012

The niche subject matter will not be to everyone's taste but the handling of it by the artful Ben Lewin has been most skillfully and sensitively handled. The casting, particularly Helen Hunt, is ideal and Ben's subtle Jewish humour adds just the right touch to what could so easily have become a difficult story to keep on the move. As the film progressed I became increasingly intrigued by how it might end but it never loses interest and the combination of a tight script, good acting and very sensitive direction keeps the tension right to the end. Although a low budget production, it never feels like it and is vastly more satisfying than the big name run-of-the-mill rubbish Hollywood churns out far too often. This is a rewarding film in its own right and a valuable study into how tough life is for the seriously disabled. It provides a great service to everyone caught in such extreme circumstances and deserves success.

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Beautiful blend of history, drama, comedy and pathos, 31 July 2007

Every now and again something comes down the line that seems just right. The Dunera Boys is a delightful combination of history, drama, comedy and pathos. The shabby treatment of the prisoners was a disgrace, their indestructible Jewish wit uplifting, and the blend of Australian and Jewish humor the work of a genius. The casting and acting is universally excellent with skillful camera work and a catchy signature tune. Ben Lewin has produced a number of similar gems but this is surely his masterpiece. Although originally a four part TV series, (and available on DVD as such), it also can be seen as an edited 150 minute movie. Catch it if you can.

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A harsh reminder of what still lies under the surface, 7 February 2004

The world of the movie is one of the few areas where Australians care to face up to their unjust and brutal treatment of the Aboriginie. This movie is based on a disturbingly recent true story and is brilliantly understated. One never feels one knows what really happened, but the legal processes are a shocking inditment of racial prejudice and power politics. Even today Australia still struggles to come to grips with this shameful side of their past. Black and White should be seen in every Australian household as similar events almost certainly still go on today in the far flung reaches of this vast land mass. Highly recommended. (Available on dvd in Australia.)

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A delightful Italian comedy, 30 December 2003

I bought this on spec on a laser disc and enjoyed it very much. It is about to be released on dvd. Buy it! It tells the tale of an Italian teacher from Milan who is sent to Naples by mistake to teach a load of wild boys. Great dialogue and fun for all the family although Grandma might object to some of the fruity phrases the boys produce!

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Beautifully filmed and very powerful but the sound track will not please all, 7 October 2003

The photography is stunning and the acting very good indeed. It is a pity however that there are no subtitles for the extensive dialoge in Aboriginal languages. One presumes it has relevance but they may just have been chatting about the new SUV they plan to buy with their pay! Also the accent of David Gulpillil will not sit easy with non outback Australians and subtitles would have helped here too, especially for the many viewers speaking English as a second language.The sound track however is not a success. The intrusive song cycles are too loud, go on far too long and just do not fit the mood. There has to be a case for the director to re-edit this outstanding film, cut down or get rid of the songs - a didgeridoo would be much better - add subtitles and perhaps fine tune the end a bit. Despite these warts however it is well worth seeing.

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An Austrian jewel, 26 September 2003

I have discovered a German dvd of Der Bockerer and the sequel, Austria is free. Neither with any subtitles. These are absolute gems and it just beats me why the Austrians do not make them available with multiple subtitles for the whole world to appreciate. The acting is outstanding and the grim background to the black humour makes a very powerful story. A classic of the cinema.

Dinner for One (1963) (TV)
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Brilliant. The funniest 15 minutes you will ever see., 12 September 2003

It has always astonished me that it is the Germans, not noted for their international sense of humour,who have kept this quite wonderful skit alive. Danke Deutschland! It is superb. 10 out of 10 any day. However beware, there is a video /dvd about that claims to come from Switzerland that is cut to ribbons - only 11 minutes (out of the original 18) and is of quite dreadful quality. Avoid this like the plague. Catch it on your TV at Christmas if you can. You get the full works and the very good introduction by Herr Piper. We even get it here in Australia now. It is a real gem.

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Powerful documentary but poorly thought thu DVD menus, 25 July 2003

This is an astonishing documentary series, but the commplicated and muddled DVD menus that appeared on the initial release do it poor service. Altogether too clever by half and they fall flat on their face. One is almost better off with the tapes! It is not immediately evident where one must go to play the disc one has in the player and it takes a while to get there even when you know what to do. On finishing a section it resets to replay the same section again and can require up to 10 "clicks" on the RC to get the next section going. All in all it is an infuriating menu system that should be be abandoned and redesigned once a new run becomes necessary. Such a remarkable series deserves better.

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delightful comedy with wacky characters, 11 March 2003

Sadly this movie is not yet available on video, but it is delightful comedy in the traditional French style. Full of wacky characters and hostile officials that any tourist can 'remember' from airport experiences. Strongly recommended.