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Journey of Man (2003) (TV)
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Spencer Wells... not so much?, 27 September 2009

I watched this in my anthropology class, and Spencer Wells is, to be quite honest, a pompous ass. Yes, he is a brilliant geneticist, but he is also very culturally insensitive. He goes and interviews many peoples, and basically tells them that their religious beliefs of where they came from were wrong. He took a wrong approach to the whole thing, and was actually shot down several times by people he was interviewing. Yes, he is smart, and i do agree with his research as being very helpful, but he also places himself much higher than others. He really should have taken along a cultural anthropologist with him... Other than that, the movie was very good, and he did a great job of explaining his theories, and as to why they were true. But, he did whine a bit to much when he went out to meet the reindeer herders.