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21 (2008)
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21 - Best Springtime movies! Two Thumbs up!, 6 May 2010

21 - a story about a boy who was recruited and trained by his professor in MIT to played in the world of casino games. and eventually became the big player in Las Vegas Casino.

"In this business, it's counting not Gambling." Quotable lines by the professor.

It was an interesting movie, at the very beginning. They have presented a very well introduction. The urge of wanting to see more of the story that keeps me going. The cast and character were really good, they fit well with their character. The character of Fisher was quickly gone, I believe he could give more spice to the story as well as a good nemesis. At first, I thought that the Kevin Spacey, the professor was actually speaks to his character, a professor who teach his student not to sell them out.

I wonder if this was really happened in MIT, if this professor do really exist and if Ben Campbell did really good in school.

Overall, the movie was really a blast to the movie goer. Personally, I have been waiting this kind of movie, a movie that will wake me up and let me think.

Two thumbs up for these great movie. *Cheers people!* +++

Zombieland (2009)
Zombieland (2009) TWO THUMBS UP!, 2 February 2010

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Zombie land (2009)starring Woody Harrelson as Tallahassee; a tough guy, a zombie hater and a zombie killer since the death of his son, he met Columbus (Jesse Eisenberg) on the road. A guy who lives on his own wishing to have a family and to have a girl whom he will touch her hair and kiss her. He is the loser guy here, he's UN-confident and for him living in the zombie land must have rules to survive. On their to escape to the zombie land, they encounter the swindler and deceptive sisters who stole their car and guns which happens 3 times. It's Emma Stone (Wichita/krista) and Abigail Breslin (Little Rock). On their way, they've rely on each other to fight the zombies and eventually leads them to enjoy each others company and found a family with each other.

This movie just became my favorite Horror Comedy movie of the decade.

The story was very interesting and most unique. They present a different angle on a zombie movie as well on the horror and romantic movie. It is a combination of comedy, drama, horror, suspense, romance, and everything else, what can I say.

This is such a superb movie, everything fits well.

The cast and crew really blends well, Jesse Eisenberg and Emma Stone made such great chemistry.

The plot line is great.


A very funny movie, very excellent.

Worth watching for even a thousand times.

To the director, producer, writer, cast, and crew: JOB WELL DONE! TWO THUMBS UP! *cheers fellas!* +++

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I hate valentine's day (2009) -not bad, 2 February 2010

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I Hate Valentines day (2009) starring Nia Vardalos as Genevieve Gernier who owns a flower shop and known for being expert in dating and followed the five dates dating limit however this rule which made by her was destructed when she met a guy Greg Gatlin(John Corbett) who bought the the curse place nearby and made it into a restaurant. They constantly dating until it reached they've the fifth day of dating that Genevieve failed to realized.

The story was quite interesting. A chick flick, another romantic-comedy who love by many yet quite entertaining. It is realistic and predictable.

The directing and the script wasn't good but it's not for first timer director Nia Vardalos.

I don't feel the chemistry of the cast especially between the lead actors: Nia Vardalos and John Corbett.

I'll give praises to the soundtrack of the movie, its pertinent to the scene. good job there! I think its not that worth watching for because there's nothing fresh to offer. There's no twist and turns in the story which made this a complete waste. *peace to everybody* +++

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Table for three (2009) Thumbs up!, 29 January 2010

Table for three story about a guy named Scott (Brandon Routh) who look for a roommate eventually found by a couple named (Ryan) Jesse Bradford (and Mary(Sophia Bush)and eventually turn his world upside down. They introduced Scott to Leslie (Jennifer Marison)and eventually sabotage their relationship.

The storyline was really good, its simple yet entertaining. I'm was kinda surprised with the IMDb ratings but anyway, I really enjoyed this movie.

This was very entertaining. The actors were really good, they're so funny. The script were really written well. Each actor portrays well their character especially the couple, they're very entertaining.

The four lead characters really have a great chemistry. Its worth watching for. Two Thumbs up to everybody whose part of the success of this movie. *cheers*


Drive Thru (2007)
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Drive Thru (2007) Leighton Meester, 27 January 2010

Drive Thru (2007) story revolves around a high school student who were a chased by a clown murderer and became victim of continuous murder of people connected to her.

Leighton Meester really did well in this movie, the acting, the different approached, I did saw Mackenzy Carpenter in this film not Blaire Waldorf.

She contribute a lot in this film, she carried this film for people to watched. She's damn good.

The rest of the actor went UN-noticeable.

The story wasn't good, I think it was just a redundant movie. Same old flick.

I don't think there's no point or connection why the killer giving clues to Mackenzy, how are they connected.

The suspense wasn't thrilling enough except for those who were Coulrophobia, it might be effective.

I must also say the script was poor.

Its good that they main cast Leighton Meester.

All praises goes to her.


Room 6 (2006)
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Room 6 (2006) Thumbs up!, 25 January 2010

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Story about a woman whose been haunted in her dreams, She's a preschool teacher and has a student that's also having dreams similar to her and will eventually finds solution the unsolved mystery.

Its pretty odd movie, same old horror flick. but the mystery made me interested to this movie. The story was quite incredible and unique as well. Its pretty scary too though there's few dull moments. I could say that the acting was better than expected. Casting was quite good.

I would recommend this movie to those who love horror but not to the movie goer. This is a low budget film but the director did well.

It is still worth watching for. Thumbs up!*cheers*


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Killing Me softly! Thumbs up!, 24 January 2010

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Killing Me softly tells about a story of a woman named ALICE who become sexually attracted to a man she met while crossing over to the road. She has a boyfriend who is an engineer. Her relationship with the engineer becomes dull, boring, and off sex & romance. When she met this man on the road named ADAM, she became attracted to him and they have sex and later on got married.

The sex scene was good. I felt that they're really in love. I think the idea of honeymoon was really crazy though unique.

As the story goes, it becomes more interesting. trying to unlock the mystery who was the one sending the weird note to them about Adam. Who is ADAM? Because everything ALICE knew came from a book, and definitely its not worth believing for. She needed to know more as she said.

I never guessed the ending. The director and the rest of the staff really did well in this movie.

I think the moral of the story, Get to know each other first before getting married. ha ha ha because the reality is all of us have a story in the past and its what makes us the person we are in the future.

killing me softly is worth watching for. Thumbs up!


Life-Size (2000) (TV)
Lindsay carry this movie., 23 January 2010

Life size (2004)

Story about a girl who uses a magical book to bring his mother back to life again to make her father happy again.

I watched this movie because I'm a fan of Lindsay Lohan and I think she's fantastic in here. I feel like she's the only character doing good in this movie.

The script wasn't impressive. The deliberation of the actors was so lame besides Lindsay Lohan of course.

Acting were terrible. I think they're very amateur. There are a lot of dull moments.

The cinematography quite fine though at times, it went un focus to the scene.

over all,

I believe Lindsay Lohan did fantastic in this movie but the production itself was terrible and the rest of the actors included.


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I especially LOVE the ENDING! *cheers*, 8 January 2010

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

The Rebound

After she found out that her husband cheated, a housewife and a dedicated mother Sandy (Catherine Zeta-Jones) decided to move to New York City for a fresh start and met a young man Aram Finklestein (Justin Bartha), a college graduate who works in a coffee shop right below her apartment. Having a new job for Sandy in SNN means lesser time for her kids so she hired this young man Aram to babysit her kids. In order to move on and to get a life, she opens herself in meeting different men set up by her friend but just led her to disappointment. She spent her spare time with her kids and the babysitter Aram and got to know him well and noticed that Aram were funny, kind, and a lot more adult than the other men she met.

I really like the chemistry of Catherine Zeta-Jones and Justin Bartha. They're so romantic, especially how ARAM compliments SANDY. I think most women love to be complimented by their no matter what. The children were cool and have extreme interrogation skills. The flow of the story was really good. Every scene was in perfect timing. I felt a little bored on their second date where they watched a stage play. Never mind, it's just a blink of an eye. It didn't take that long. Ha ha

Sandy's family made this young man realized on what he wants to do in life. On being a grown up man, is about taking responsibilities in life.

I thought ARAM's parents will hinder their relationship. My suspicion was wrong; they broke up because they doubted that their relationship will not work because of the age gap.

But it makes sense, who would have thought that their broke up would make them a better person, would lead them to fulfillment and satisfaction and finally reach happiness?

This film presented a burnt out mother, who gave up everything for her family, her dreams, and her social life to be able to be a full time house wife, and a dedicated mother but what she gets in return, her husband cheated on her.

They also highlight the common lament of women when a woman got married, become a housewife and a mother, most likely forgotten their own ambition and dreams as individual. Historically, husbands' or men in general do over powered women. Many of them wants their woman to took over the household so the woman becomes so dedicated to that role which results to regretting for the things she wants to do but wasn't able to do so.

I really adore this movie and I especially love the ending. Aram finally steps up and fixes his career. He traveled to different countries and does what he has to do for the sense of purpose in life. While Sandy chased her dreams, became a better mom, and finally she found herself again.

This film is definitely worth watching for. TWO THUMBS UP to the Director, Producer, Writer, Cast, Crew, and to everybody whose part on making this beautiful film. *cheers*


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choreography was extra ordinary, 6 January 2010

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Another typical dance-musical movie, there's the drama and romance of course.

At first, I found the choreography unfussy and nothing unique. On the later part, I found the Step moves extra ordinary and brilliant combination.

I came to noticed that When Chris Brown was shot, nobody was there to console except for he's brother. I mean why does they're crew mate gone.

I found no chemistry between Meagan and Columbus but as individual, they did well. Chris Brown performance in this film was notable. Ne-Yo was a good supporting cast.

The cinematography and music were not bad, so-so.

I found the climax notable because of the emotion divulges and he finally took responsible for his mistake in the past that result to the death of his younger brother.

The ending was quite predictable besides of winning the competition he finally learns to think not only himself or his pride but also for the sake and success of his team.


The story was typical, same old drama and romantically involved. Street dancers got into trouble, riot with other crew. Brother's friendship, younger brother dies.

It reminded me of those dance flick movie such as you got served and drum line.

However, still this movie was exceptional because the writers showed On how the guy changes his life by making best decision in life. On how he prevails over he's pride. That beyond the rivalry and competition, he pledge to the fraternity of a lifetime. That beyond the tradition, what matter is how the brotherhood helps each other to become a better man:


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