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Love is in the process and not in the goal itself, 10 June 2013

Just saw this movie on my lappy and i must say it is the movie that i can watch over and over again. They don't make like'em anymore. This is the movie with a soul which knows what it is and never tries to go beyond what it sets out to do. I am the great admirer of the first one and kept on thinking how are they gonna make a sequel out of this. But I must say this is a stroke of a genius for he has created this masterpiece. I think this trilogy is the best romantic saga ever created on the big screen (have't watched the 3rd one though). I read other reviews about this movie here on IMDb and i must say, they all are matured audiences and who know how to appreciate the class from the mass. The main reason of me liking these movies is because they are not glamorized by the Hollywood (like twilight and many others) aura. This is just just story about a guy and girl who meet for a very brief time and are running out of it. So all they do is talk some sensible things which definitely a generous man would understand and it is their so realistic conversations that feels like eavesdropping on a couple is the heart and soul of this movie. You should definitely check it out for it ls genuineness and quality conversations. Most meaningful romantic movies ever made that can teach you lot about life and would drench your heart at moments.

ParaNorman (2012)
A great puppet style animation mixed with some cool CGI, 10 February 2013

This is definitely the best animation of the year by far. Some cool puppet animation with some great CGI I have seen in a while. This one is definitely not small kids because it will creep the hell out of them. Its pitched for Teenage-cum-adults segment. I am really amazed how this movie got away with PG 13 rating. We got another great movie from the makers of "Coraline" and this one definitely as interesting as was Coraline if not better. All the things about this movie are just perfect, be it sound effects or 3D which is the best I have seen in an animation movie. I only have one problem with the movie that it loses it grip in between but as soon as you realize it again picks up and ends in a memorable roller coaster ride. It is just the perfect movie if it had come at Halloween.

I definitely recommend this movie to those who are interested in something more than animation with some great adult humour.

A Horror-cum-Thriller with some great performances, 26 January 2013

This was the movie I was waiting for it to come out since I first saw its trailer. But, after seeing this movie, I think they shown too much in the trailer itself. It does not ruin your movie though but you can not expect anything more out of this. Talking about its positives, its a great watch for the performances by everybody as far as horror genre is concerned. Jeffrey Dean Morgan was just excellent as a care taking father. The movie takes some time to build up the tension which might upset a few but in my opinion it is utmost necessary. It is plot driven movie, what do you expect? At last, I would like to say without spoiling much that its a great watch but rather Horror-cum-thriller. But don't worry its definitely a positive review, Just don't expect many jump scares with this one.

Cristian Bale at his best...laughing & crying at the same time, 24 September 2012

Before watching this movie, I had a feeling of not liking it because I'm not a great fan of Chinese movies. But I went into it because of Christian Bale as I heard he's done a tremendous job in this flick. But I must say after watching this one, I had to dismiss a lot of misconceptions about chines movies. This one is a true epic, nobody could have portrayed Bale's role other than himself in Hollywood. He has that great charismatic look which eased his way in getting the role of a priest. Its a perfect movie for those who love war-cum-drama movies. One of his best performance since "The Machinist", which left everybody in the house with wet eyes. The whole set up created in the movie itself is a treat to watch. The Chinese counterparts did their job equally good and a special background in the movie keeps you glued to your seat and beholds you like a great thriller. A must watch, at least for Christian Bale's fans and for those who sincerely appraise true cinema.