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Supporting cast saves it, 22 September 2009

It's hard to watch a movie when you don't care much for the main character. I believe she is portrayed much too unreachable, like she's passed the "point of no return". Though I appreciate the journey written for her, the character shows not even subtle signs of a desire to grow or change. So in a sense, the film then becomes quite static and unattractive, and predictable even.

What saves the movie for me are the two main supporting characters. Catherine Kresge does an amazing job in this film. Very real, very believable performance. Her character feels human, not robotic like her sister (which unfortunately leads to a non-believable relationship between them). She will most likely be moving on to bigger and better things. Alexis Rhee gives a very dramatic performance, filled with much needed intense moments helping to "stir the soup".

I think this film would have been much better as a short. Too much "looping" going on, with no real movement of the main arc until the very end.