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A brilliant and entertaining series that's worth a look!, 21 June 2013

I love Franklin & Bash it's a fun and entertaining US TV show. If you're looking for a serious courtroom show, then go elsewhere. If you're looking for escapism, laughs and some eye candy, then Franklin & Bash has this in spades... I loved seasons 1 - 2 of Franklin and Bash and season 3 looks like it's going to be great fun as well. Mark-Paul Gosselaar and Breckin Meyer are excellent sexy and so entertaining to watch. Malcolm McDowell is really funny and enjoyable as Stanton Infeld. Franklin & Bash is one of my favourite TNT shows and the most underrated gems on TV. I hope that we see more Franklin & Bash seasons. It's perfect Summer viewing and but I really enjoy the show. I like the chemistry between Peter & Jared. The chemistry between mark and breckin is fantastic and you can genuinely tell that they are having fun in their roles as it comes through on screen.

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Men of a certain age a brilliant show that's worth giving a try!, 16 February 2010

Men of a certain age is really a fantastic show.I love Scott Bakula and he was actually the main reason I wanted to see this show in the first place and I've been a fan of his ever since Quantum Leap. Scott is great as Terry and still looks as hot now as he did in his Quantum leap days! The man just shines! and is a wonderful actor. I'm liking his character more and more and he's really grown on me because at first I thought he was quite a jerk but from some of the episodes I've seen you really do feel for him I also found myself rooting for him with every episode. There are very funny moments followed by sad and that's the reason for this shows success Men of a certain age is a very special show. I really hope this show gets screened here in the UK. MOACA has been a big success in the US and has already been renewed for a second season. I love this show, and the actors in real, so true, so emotional!! Well done Ray, Scott,and Andre!This show is the most "real" show I think that I've ever seen. Love this show! So true to life and very funny.

"Snoops" (1999)
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The Wonderful Gina Gershon is the one to watch in this show!, 23 October 2007

I really love this show but so sad this series never really took off. Snoops is Showing in the UK right now on the Zone Romantica Channel every Saturday and Sunday. When I first viewed this show I thought it was a fresh new TV show. But I was shocked to learn that Snoops lasted for only one season from 1999 – 2000. Gina Gershon is excellent as Glenn Hall she's cool, sexy glamorous, feisty, and sassy as the head of Glenn Hall Agency. Gina is just so fantastic I've always been a fan of the actress and her work. She is a joy to watch because every time Gina's on screen she tends to steal every scene from Paula Marshall. Gina lights up the screen with her beauty and I love her pouty lips she just oozes sex appeal as well as a bad ass attitude. It's just such a shame this show got cancelled I have never seen anything so cool and funny well not on UK screens! Again I have to say that Gina is fantastic to watch on Snoops she has the best lines. Snoops is well worth a watch if you just want to see the wonderful Gina Gershon in action. I give this show a 10/10.

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A great film noir!, 21 April 2005

I watched this film on DVD and it was just a chance to catch Michael Rooker in the lead role of Fritz Brown, an ex-cop, repo man, and part time detective. Michael plays him with streetwise honesty and toughness but makes it believable and yet shows the weaknesses, and vulnerabilities and flaws of the character. I really enjoyed watching him play these kinds of characters and it's a nice change from seeing him not play a villain or a psychopath. This is an excellent film noir and the best I've ever seen James Freeland has done a brilliant job with this film. The beautiful music score in the opening and closing for the film just fits together with the sad tone of the character. Michael Rooker is one of my favourite actors and I think he did an amazing job in this role he is one of the most underrated actors in Hollywood I hope to see him in more future films.

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Melrose Place way better than Beverly Hills!, 21 April 2005

One of the best shows of the early 90's it lasted for 7 years. I came across this show as it's currently repeated on five every Saturday morning and I continue to love this show. I knew of this show when it screened during the 90's but couldn't care less at that time I was a huge fan of Beverly Hills 90210 which I'm not a big fan of anymore now. I just enjoy catching up with the lives of the beautiful and gorgeous people of Melrose Place. My favourite character is Alison (Courtney Thorne Smith) but my least favourite is Amanda Woodard (Heather Locklear) she is quite a B****. The cast are brilliant and I love the situations, which the characters go through every week just as our lives aren't as dramatic as these characters. Melrose is Glam but much better than Beverly Hills but as the seasons went on the series got over the top that's when I think it went downhill I think. The best year was the early years. I hope a DVD is released both in the US and the UK, as it was very popular and successful in both sides of the Atlantic. Melrose Place is one of my favourite shows and it's a classic with plenty to enjoy and a place we all wouldn't mind living in.

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A really fantastic comedy with so many laugh out moments!, 10 March 2005

Regardless of the negative comments about this film I think Sibling Rivalry is a brilliant comedy. The all-star cast were fantastic and hilarious in their roles and boy was it really funny and entertaining throughout. This is a really great movie that will keep you laughing although there are some serious drama in between this is an enjoyable film. Scott Bakula is the only reason I watched this film in the first place and I thought he was just brilliant. Scott plays Harry who's from a family of doctors with Carrie Fisher as Iris she plays his sister and Harry's brother is played by Sam Elliot as Charles. Kirsty Alley is beautiful and fantastic as Marjorie she's just married to Harry and happy for a while until she grows bored and frustrated that they never make love. Unhappy and unsatisfied she meets a man in a shopping store this soon leads them both to a hotel room where she spends the night with him. After that what happens is through funny consequences and it's completely funny. The whole cast do a brilliant and are all great fun to watch. I'd give this film a try if your just looking for laughs because I certainly enjoyed this film very much.

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Just a waste of time!, 15 February 2005

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

This film started off OK as Bruce Willis plays a psychiatrist but after a client throws herself out the window and is killed he flees to another psychiatrist played by Scott Bakula as (Bobby Moore) I was really disappointed that he wasn't in this film long but I'm not going to give away what happens. In this film a group therapy session of people are involved in two of the murders and we the audience have to figure who the culprit is in one of them. This film got so boring and confusing towards the end and I just simply didn't care anymore. Bruce Willis plays (Bill Capa) who soon gets involved and is seduced by Jane March – one of the worst actresses I've ever seen. This film didn't really thrill me but if you're a Bruce Willis fan I don't know if you want to bother with this but Colour of night was a total letdown.

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A cult classic of the 1970's, 15 February 2005

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I remember what an overlooked gem this was to the overrated Escape from New York but this one's much better. One of the coolest and best films of the late 1970's. I saw this cult film when it came out in the 80's on VHS.

The characters are real and I thought Michael Beck's portrayal of swan a tough no- nonsense leader of the Warriors gang was excellent he was definitely the star of this film. I also think Mercy played by (Deborah Van Valkenburgh) was feisty with an attitude to match and a girl who took no crap from anyone was really amazing in this role. This film is about a gang trying to get home through New York's subway but spend the rest of the movie fighting off other gangs who follow them and who think the warriors were in on the killing of Cyrus. The Warriors didn't hurt anyone but in many of the fight sequences they used knives but that was only in self-defence.

One of the best effective moments I remember is in the 'Train Home' scene where the gang are heading back home to Coney Island New York. Mercy is sitting aside Swan and there just looking out like theirs no care in the world in that moment these four high school couples who've just come from a prom sit opposite Swan and Mercy. They're laughing and talking among each other but soon stop and look towards Mercy and how she's dressed I found this scene to be really sad and nasty. Mercy was thinking how dirty she looked and I felt it was so sad. In that scene I really felt for her she was just about to fix her hair up neatly but Swan stopped her he was just saying 'don't do this because of them she tried to ignore it but couldn't. I liked it when he scared off those high school prom nerds in their next stop they got off the train. Swan had said he didn't like what she did for a living because she's a whore. But towards the end he accepted her and she wanted to be something better Mercy didn't care how she earned money to her she had nothing and that's the only thing she's got to survive on.

I liked this films setting with its dirty looking streets filled with an array of different looking gangs but one gang stood out from them all The Warriors. The fights, classic one liners, and the dark atmosphere were perfect. An exciting and adrenalin rush of a great film you'll enjoy watching this because it's a classic. The music is excellent and so is the plot. If you haven't seen this film yet than you are missing out on something really special. 10/10

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One Tree Hill is one of the best American teen shows since The OC!, 11 February 2005

I don't normally watch many American TV shows but I love this show quite a lot. I'm a big fan of One Tree Hill and I think it's a brilliant show. I've been watching OTH over in the UK every Saturday on channel 4's T4 slot. It took a while to grow on me but now I love it. This show deals with all kinds of issues and it has real drama that really appeals to anyone. I really like Brooke she's really really grown on me at first I thought she was really annoying and I didn't like her but now she's great we've got to see a warm and caring side to her it was when Lucas was in hospital after the car crash and we really got to see the real Brooke. She's since found out about Lucas and Peyton seeing each other behind her back and now she's really hurt and feels betrayed by them. She may have her moments when she says stupid things at the wrong time but Brooke is a fun wild and fantastic friend who we all wouldn't mind having around. The entire cast are all brilliant in their roles Craig Sheffer, Moira Kelly, Chad Murray Michael, Sophia Bush, and co are outstanding. One of the best teen American shows I've seen in a while since The OC. I love this show and I'm really pleased to see that OTH is in its second season already and I think that's great. I hope many more keep coming to our screens to keep us fans coming back for more.

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A great fun and entertaining animated musical that you'll enjoy!, 18 January 2005

Cats don't dance is a fun entertaining cartoon for all the family and it's one of the best animated musicals I've ever seen. Scott Bakula is wonderful as Danny the talented ambitious cat who dreams of making it big in Hollywood. Along the way he meets a couple of animal buddies who are also like himself waiting for their chance to make their big break but whose stars have faded. Cats don't dance has some fantastic songs that are toe tapping good including Scott Bakula singing Danny's arrival song, the animal jam session, and Nothings gonna stop us now with incredible vocals from Natalie Cole and Scott Bakula.As I was saying Scott Bakula is great as Danny the enthusiastic cat with stars in his eyes. I think he did a brilliant job and his voice in the songs were just spectacular. This is cute,funny,uplifting and a feel good cartoon with a lot of heart and emotion. If you are looking for something with a real story that's fun and entertaining than look no further than this one it's a classic and one the kids will love.

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