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We all have the ones who we believe to be sincerely beautiful and would love to be able and look like them, so here is a list of mine. Some are glamorous, other's simple but lovely, but all beautiful. :)
(in no particular order.)
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This is a list of men that i find VERY attractive - some obvious, others - not so much. :) i was just going to go to 100, but i ended up with 101.... lol! Thanks for reading!
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I am very excited for 'The Host' to come out next year! Interested to see how the casting will turn out for the amazing story, and so I had a whim to cast all the characters with actors I would pick if I had full reign over the project. They are a bit more mature then the actual picks for the film coming out in 2013, but hey. ;) See small little comment beneath the actor's bio for their character pick- I hope you like! Feel free to comment with your opinions! (as long as your nice! feel free to disagree, but please do so politely! :D)
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We all have actors that we can take one look at and melt into the floor, for one reason or another whether it be their striking eyes, beautiful bone structure, an irrisistable character they played, or just something that you cant quite explain...
Sure, there may be some on here which you may find questionable but hey... It's my list. (in no particular order) ;) Enjoy!