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I hated this movie...., 26 December 2012

It was very boring and very long. There was way too much going on while really going no where at the same time. As a viewer with each scene I felt like I had just walked into the middle of a conversation. What I really, really hated about this movie was the unnecessary use of gratuitous violence. If I wanted to see gory details I would go see a slasher film. Not really what I was expecting from the Wachowski team, or Tom Hanks to be associated with. I know many on here liked this film, and perhaps I am just too sensitive to violent images and long drawn out forever to get to the point story lines, but this movie was definitely not for me.

The Box (2009/I)
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I liked it....., 22 March 2010

After I heard how terrible this film was, I really wasn't expecting much. I almost didn't even rent it, but I am glad I did. I love Donnie Darko and I think with The Box, Kelly has gone back to the Darko style of writing and directing. I am not sure why it received so many bad reviews, maybe because like Donnie Darko it was too cerebral for the mainstream. It's not a movie you can do three things and watch, you have to pay attention to the little details. I do feel there are missing pieces that weren't explained, but that could be the way the film was edited and may come out later in a directors cut edition, or it could be Kelly's way of keeping the audience guessing. I can see how this movie wouldn't appeal to the masses, especially since it is a cautionary tale of morals and ethics, but if you liked Donnie Darko, you will probably enjoy The Box. I can see this having a cult following like Donnie Darko.

Also I am not a Cameron Diaz fan, but I think she did a great job. I had heard awful things about her performance in this, but in my opinion this was one of her better roles.

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I loved this movie when I was 8, 30 April 2005

I really wish they would release this on DVD. You gotta love those late 70's early 80's movies about Rollerskating. If you liked Rollerboogie, you'll love this! It's not a work of art, but it's a lot of fun, especially if you grew up in that time period. If anything it's fun to laugh at and say, "I really liked this crap?" How can you beat the all star cast of Scott Baio, Maureen McCormick, and that blonde guy who "acted" with Scott Baio as the jerky jock in Zapped. If you loved the 70's and afterschool specials, I highly suggest (if they ever release this) to give it a viewing. You'll laugh, you'll cry (that your actually having fun watching it), and it just might become your favorite movie about late 70's Rollerdisco.

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A sad sad tale, 22 August 2003

I kind of remember this being a very dark after school special. Scott's older brother was on the swim team or something like that and was training, so he makes Scott go to the lake with him to row the boat while his brother swims, anyway Scott had been boozing it up and was completely snockered and I think he hits his brother with the oar by "accident" and his brother drowns. Let that be a lesson to you young kids out there drinking and rowing do not mix....just say no, and stay in school.

Foxes (1980)
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Not Just A Brilliant work of art, but one with a lesson..., 22 August 2003

I loved Jodi Foster, That chick from The Runaways-Cherie Currie, Scott Baio, Randy Quaid, Demone from Fast Times at Ridgemont High. Brilliant cast. I truly believe this is the role Jodi should have won the Oscar for, but oddly enough it wasn't even nominated. Not only was this a great work of art, but one with a lesson.... That hitching rides with swinging, middle aged couples who look like rejects from Studio 54 not only proves to be creepy but fatal.