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Good comedy with great delivery of lines, 22 June 2010

I saw "Knight and Day" tonight at an advanced screening. I really liked it. For me, I considered it more of a comedy, rather than a thriller. Tom Cruise and Cameron Diaz have great chemistry, and did wonderful line deliveries of several running jokes. Their facial expressions, non-verbal actions, and then their unique line delivery - just made everything fit together into a delightful comedy. You will enjoy yourself and laugh out loud. Tom Cruise does a great job of reminding us why we like him as a performer and actor. (Recently, I think too many of us have been side-tracked by his off-camera non-PC comments and antics; so it's good to get back to the basics, that he really is a wonderful actor.) Cameron Diaz is funny, warm,beautiful, and spunky. I loved the way these two actors interacted with each other. Well done. I know another reviewer here kept dropping "Oscar award winning" several times - but for myself, I would not go that far. I don't think this has the emotional depth that you'd think of for an Oscar; but nevertheless, I think this is a delightful funny movie that will make you laugh and enjoy an evening out. I recommend this movie. You will feel good.

Amelia (2009)
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beautiful character development, 24 October 2009

"Amelia" is a beautiful film visually, and also, for its wonderful character development of Amelia Earheart's personality. In our general knowledge, we already have a stereotypical image of AE, but in this film, I feel that Amelia's more unique aspects of personality were further developed. We saw her as a woman, as well as, a pioneering aviatrix. When I was watching this film, I could feel myself flying along with the dangers of early aviation flight, as well, as the awesomeness of its beauty. I also found it interesting how in the early days, you really did needed to put a lot of effort into self-promoting. It was important, if you were going to get that funding for future flights. No harm in self-promoting - it was a necessity. Hilary Swank does an excellent performance of Amelia. It's a wonderful biography.