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Yes I realize some of these actors are American, but that's what acting is for.
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Movies I wish I could erase from my memory
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So, this isn't ALL of them, because that would take quite some time. Just the main fellas I wanted to give a little recognition too. And NO you won't find any of the toolbags from Twilight on here.
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The movies and people I want to be nominated/win awards!
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My perfect cast, that I know won't happen, and it kills me inside.
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Just to clarify, I NEVER WANT THEM TO REMAKE THE BREAKFAST CLUB! It would be a *beep* CRIME and I would be pissed off for the rest of my life. It actually makes me feel like I terrible person even thinking about that ever happening... HOWEVER, since they seem to feel the need to remake everything these days, I was thinking about the whole "What if?..." scenario, and this is what I've come up with.
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I am a collector and love horror movies of all sub-genres, whether their be serial killers, ghosts, monsters, aliens, found-footage, demons, whatever! I love horror! These are my favorite of all of them.