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Not in any particular order.

I only add directors whose filmography I have seen more than three films from, but there are exceptions.

Might come up next: Kurosawa, Angelopoulos, Reed, Kaurismäki, Ozu, Hawks, Soderbergh, Visconti, Payne, Altman, Carax, Lubitsch, Marker
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These are my personal favorites and the greatest films in my opinion, there are lots of films out there and I still have many film-experiences ahead of me, but these are the 100 I prefer the most, they are basically in order though it's hard to place a great film over another great film. I guess I mostly love contemporary and modern filmmaking and my 4 favorite directors might be: Kubrick, Tarkovsky, Malick and Bergman. You can see my directors list here.

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Technically the century starts in 2001, but I follow my own rules.

Most represented directors on the list:

4 films: von Trier, Gus van Sant,
3 films: Haneke, Malick, The Dardenne Bros, PT Anderson, Linklater, Herzog, Almodovar
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I have listed the films I have found to be the most beautiful. There's no order after the top 50.

When the colors, the landscapes, the small things the camera catches and the camera work all fusions and suits the mood of the film, then you know you have found true aesthetic film-beauty. All the listed films have cinematography fitting for the sentiment in the film, or just pure aesthtic beauty.