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The end of the world is extraordinarily beautiful!, 13 June 2011

When you look through all Lars Von Trier's controversial opinions at press conferences he makes movies. Really incredible movies. Actually it's more art than it's JUST a movie. This is no exception!

After the beautiful 2001: A Space Odyssey-esque start the film emerges into a picture about good and evil, right and wrong and humans position in the wide universe.

The cinematography is insane beautiful, probably one of the most impressive cinematographic features. It's pure joy to see both the start and the ending of the film where you heavily can see where Von Trier had his inspiration from to this film(2001: A Space odyssey!), this is especially in the start!

Another thing there is new for Von Trier is the heavy use of classic music as a stunning score to this picture, it really fits this film.

The film balances on a very symbolistic and deeper meaning-ness film. The play between the two sisters (one with black hair, the other with blond) represents the fight between good and evil, and the two planets displays just the same two things. Melancholia as the good, the earth as evil, and as Melancholia destroys the earth(don't worry I doesn't give anything away, the end of the world is already taking place 5 min. into the film), goodness wins over darkness, because as Justine says in the film The Earth is evil! - And then there is something with bridges again just like in Antichrist, what is it with bridges and Von Trier???

After all there is the acting too. Kirsten Dunst plays good, but a tat overrated in my opinion! It is great for her to win the Cannes - Best Actress award, because I like her as an actor, but she aren't THAT good in this picture, the character is incredible good, but Dunst could have played much better! Gainsbourg is good, solid play, not anything there. Then there is the father to the two sisters, Played by John Hurt, he played insanely good too.

All in all this is a spectacular film about everything and nothing. It has some of the most beautiful cinematography and some really memorable scenes, and probably one of the best endings ever! Von Trier for ones goes for something epic, grandiose and big, and he does fantastic! A think piece right from Von Triers heart that probably could be a academy award choice! Existential, essential, ecstatic, stunning, MELANCHOLIA!